2024 drone survey offers Avata 2 in effort to break records

The annual Drone Industry Barometer needs its yearly update. And this 2024 drone survey is hoping to break last year’s milestone record of more than 1,000 responses. To do that, it’s offering survey respondents the chance to win the Avata 2 drone.

Those responses come from people like you — which is why it’s you (yes you) who needs to take this survey. But to make that happen, this DII drone survey first needs responses — from you.

Drone Industry Insights (DII), a German-based analytics firm, runs the survey. It then uses responses to generate DII’s yearly Drone Industry Barometer. That barometer relies on responses from industry experts, participants, drone pilots and advocates. If you’re reading this, at least one of those descriptors is likely you.

To participate in the DII 2024 drone survey, fill out the form linked there. Unlike past years that could take up to 20 minutes completely, this one should be a lot more efficient. Drone Industry Insights said to expect it to take about 8-15 minutes to complete. Fill it out here.

What’s in it for you? For participating, you’ll get:

  • A free copy of the final Drone Industry Barometer 2024 Report: This is something I look forward to getting every year. For Drone Nerds like me, consider it drone data Christmas.
  • A chance to win free tickets to drone events: Tickets to many of the biggest 2024 drone events are up for grabs. In fact, the first 200 respondents for the 2024 drone survey will be entered into a “blitz lottery” for tickets to the International Drone Show on 29 May, 2024 in Odense, Denmark. Otherwise, you’ll be entered to win tickets to other big drone conferences, such as Amsterdam Drone Week, Commercial UAV Expo Americas, Japan Drone, Drone show Korea, African Drone Forum and more.
  • A chance to win a free Avata 2 droneDII will conduct a drawing among entrants to giveaway the epic Cinewhoop-style racing drone to one lucky winner.
One survey respondent will win a free DJI Avata 2 via a random drawing.

That’s not all. DII is raising the stakes for its 2024 drone survey. According to DII, the companies that participate in its 2024 survey receive priority in the 2024 edition of its annual Drone Market Map. And from there, DII plans to improve its annual map in 2024 by producing individual market maps for each country. That offers increased opportunity for drone companies to gain some traction with a more prominent feature. That’s especially critical for otherwise small drone companies that come from smaller countries.

DII’s annual Drone Industry Barometer serves as a source of insights about drone companies. It digs into their target markets, performance over the past year and expectations for the coming year. And yes, The Drone Girl frequently cites it in our own reporting.

For example, we used the survey to show you the biggest challenges for drone companies in 2024. And, we used it to uncover the top reasons people use drones, and how drone companies have planned to spend money in 2024. True to DII’s increased-emphasis on individual countries, we also generated country about some other countries. We dug into why Germany has so many drone startups, and how the U.K. grew to become one of the world leaders in drones.

And when DII’s 2024 drone survey is in, expect more content to keep coming. For now, participate in the DII drone survey here.

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