Aerovironment P550 VTOL

Aerovironment P550 VTOL

AV’s high performing P550 VTOL uncrewed aircraft system is purpose built for long-range reconnaissance missions and features advanced AI and autonomy capabilities with maximum payload versatility. Strategically engineered for battalion-level tactical forces, the P550 will serve as an indispensable, readily available asset for advanced situational awareness and heightened force protection, complete with targeting capabilities even in contested environments. This man-portable Group 2 UAS promises unmatched adaptability across current and future battlefields.

  • Modular & Open
  • Payload Versatility
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Advanced AI & Autonomy
  • Sustainable & Affordable
  • Enhanced Lethality

AV Enters Teaming Agreement with Parry Labs to Develop a Modular and Open, Next-Generation Long-Range Reconnaissance UAS

AV entered into an exclusive teaming agreement with Parry Labs, a leader in Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), to architect, develop, deliver and integrate digital engineering, software, and mission system hardware.

Designed with MOSA principles from inception, AV’s P550 UAS is perfectly aligned to adopt solutions from trusted partners such as Parry Labs to maximize warfighter capability and mission flexibility.

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