Archer Aviation Advances in FAA Certification Process with Successful Battery Pack Tests

Screen Shot 2024 03 28 at 3.34.39 PMProgressing Towards Certification: Archer Aviation’s Successful Safety Tests

Archer Aviation Inc., a developer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, has completed a series of battery pack drop tests, an important requirement in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification process. Conducted at the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) lab, these tests evaluated the resilience of the battery packs used in Archer’s Midnight aircraft under extreme impact conditions. Dropping the battery packs from a height of 50 feet at various states of charge (100%, 30%, and 0%) demonstrated their ability to withstand significant impacts and remain functional, a critical safety feature for eVTOL operations.

Alex Clarabut, Battery Lead at Archer, reflected on the tests’ importance, stating, “Passing the battery pack drop tests is an important step forward in our FAA certification efforts. It demonstrates our commitment to safety and is a key milestone towards achieving our goal of making Midnight one of the safest aircraft in the sky.”

The success of these tests is a positive development for Archer as it continues its path toward FAA certification. It shows the company’s commitment to adhering to high safety standards and its capability in developing durable and reliable battery technology.

Archer air taxi service UAE, Archer passenger eVTOL Midnight, Billy Nolen to join archerArcher air taxi service UAE, Archer passenger eVTOL Midnight, Billy Nolen to join archerArcher aims to transform urban travel by offering an alternative to traditional car commutes with its electric air taxi flights, which could significantly reduce travel times in urban settings. The company’s Midnight aircraft, designed to carry four passengers and operate quickly between flights with minimal charging time, is a part of Archer’s vision to make air travel a practical option for city commutes.

This progress in battery pack testing marks a step forward for Archer in the competitive eVTOL market, moving closer to FAA certification and the realization of urban air mobility.

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