Asylon Robotics Announces Launch of Enhanced DroneDog-2 Security Robot

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On April 10, 2024, Asylon Robotics, a pioneer in automated aerial drone and robotic security systems in the U.S., introduced the DroneDog-2, the latest upgrade to their security robot line. The DroneDog-2 is a part of Asylon’s comprehensive robotic security solution, which includes the DroneIQ software and a dedicated 24/7 Robotic Security Operations Center (RSOC).

The DroneDog-2 features significant enhancements aimed at improving performance, durability, and versatility in security operations. These upgrades include a new Nvidia AI/ML processor, a robust roll cage to protect its payload, and quick-connect rails that simplify field adjustments. Additionally, it boasts GPS RTK for improved navigation accuracy and an advanced auto-tracking system with 20x optical zoom, enhancing its target tracking capabilities.

Adam Mohamed, CTO and co-founder of Asylon Robotics, emphasized the practicality of the new features. “There’s been a lot of hype in the industry, but we’ve been focused on developing real, practical solutions that drive value,” Mohamed stated. He further added, “The DroneDog-2 upgrade represents a best-of-both-worlds scenario. We’re confident our approach to pair trained humans with advanced technology like this in a full-service solution is the one that creates the greatest value to our customers and helps create safer facilities in a scalable way.”

Existing Asylon customers will benefit from these upgrades at no extra cost, underscoring the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and service enhancement. “Based on customer feedback, the DroneDog-2 opens up some very exciting new capabilities and allows us to provide an even more superior service. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer for us to upgrade all of our customers with the latest and greatest,” said Damon Henry, CEO and co-founder.

The DroneDog-2 will be showcased for the first time at the ISC West event in Las Vegas this week, where attendees can view demonstrations and learn more about Asylon’s full range of security solutions.

For those interested in seeing the DroneDog-2 and other Asylon technologies in action, the company will be available at booth #19133 at ISC West, or potential customers can request a demonstration directly through Asylon.

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