Bluetti AC200L vs AC200MAX: In-depth comparison guide

AC200L vs AC200MAX

If you are looking for a 2kWh power station from Bluetti, you probably noticed they have two available variants on sale. In this article, we will examine the AC200L and the AC200MAX, checking their specs and features to see which is the best buy.

The Bluetti AC200MAX was released on November 19, 2021, and the Bluetti AC200 on December 15th, 2023. Despite the 2-year gap, these two solar generators have about the same capacity, weight, and price, but there are still some significant differences if you know where to look for them.

As our Bluetti AC200L review mentioned, the built-in AC charger is the most significant upgrade from its predecessor, the AC200MAX, allowing for an ultra-fast charge. Both power stations can be stacked (expanded) with up to two BLUETTI B230s (2048Wh each) or one B300 (3072Wh each) external battery modules. While the AC200MAX has four Type-A and one Type-C USB ports, the  AC200L has two Type-A and two Type-C ports.

The Bluetti AC200L supports solar charging up to 1200W, and the Bluetti AC200MAX with 900W. Both power stations have a LiFePO4 battery pack inside with a 2,048-watt-hour capacity.

How big and heavy they are?

In size and weight, these two Bluetties are very similar. The AC200L measures 16.5×11.0×14.4 in and weights 61.6 lb, and the AC200MAX is 16.5×11.0×15.2 in and scales 61.9 lb. Both have two handlers for two-person manipulation.

AC200L vs AC200MAX: What are the differences?

In the table below, I tried to compare the most important specs of both power stations. I highlighted blue where the AC200L excels and red where the older AC200MAX  still shines.

Battery typeLiFePO4 3000+ CyclesLiFePO4 3500+ Cycles
Total output power2400W2200W
Solar input1200W900W
Built-in AC charging2400WNo
UPS modeYesNo
DO50S supportNoYes
Touchscreen LCDNoYes
WiFi connectivityYesNo
Mobile APP controlYesYes
Wireless chargingNoneDual 15W
LED lightNoNo
Dimensions16.5×11.0×14.4 in16.5×11.0×15.2 in
Weight61.6 lb61.9 lb
PriceSale: $1,399
Standard: $1,999
Sale: $1,249
Standard: $1,699


With the recent price drop, the AC200MAX is 150$ cheaper than the AC200L. It comes with dual-wireless charging and a touchscreen LCD. The AC200L is a two-year-old model, and if you prefer latest-generation technologies, this could discourage you from buying it

On the other hand, the newer AC200L has a built-in AC charger and WIFI connectivity. It also has slightly higher output power (2400w vs. 2200W) and supports a higher-wattage solar panel array.

You should look for the most extended warranty when investing over 1.000 USD in a product. The AC200MAX benefits from a 4-year hassle-free warranty, and the AC200L model from a 5-year warranty.

For further details you can watch Tech Made Easy’s YouTube videos with a head to head comparison of the AC200L and the AC200 MAX.

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In conclusion, whichever of these solar generators you choose is a good deal, as Bluetti power stations have an excellent reputation and recognition in the industry.

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