Delair Unveils DRAKO: A Universal UAV Ground Station

New Delair Ground Station Integrates Multiple UAV Platforms for Seamless Operations

Delair ground controlDelair ground controlDelair has announced the release of its new universal UAV ground station, DRAKO (Drone Remote Access Command & Control for Operations), at Eurosatory. This innovative ground station aims to address the challenges faced by operators who manage multiple UAV systems, each with unique control interfaces.

DRAKO provides a unified command and control interface with an open architecture compatible with the main UAV manufacturers and standards. It is operational on a variety of UAVs, including multi-copters, aircraft, VTOL, and loitering munitions. Bastien Mancini, Delair Chairman, stated, “DRAKO is neither an intention nor a concept. It is a fully operational product that has been extensively tested in the most demanding operational environments, including Ukraine. DRAKO has therefore been ‘combat proven’ in a high-intensity operational context.”

Delair’s product lineup includes six UAVs, such as the UX11, DT26, DT46, SHIP Drone, Colibri, and Larinae, which span multirotor and fixed-wing systems, as well as loitering munitions. To support these and other UAVs, Delair developed DRAKO, which employs Mavlink for control and command and STANAG 4609 for video streams. This use of open standards ensures compatibility with various tactical information systems, including Delta Suite, ATAK, SICS, and Atlas.

The company emphasizes DRAKO’s role in fostering an open ecosystem through collaboration with industry leaders like KNDS, MBDA, Naval Group, HexaDrone, and Thalès. Delair highlights that DRAKO comes with a native flight simulator, enabling virtual operation of flight and observation functions. Users can import standard mapping and digital terrain model formats, such as DTED, for use within the software. The on-board simulation capabilities are designed to aid in the preparation and training of a wide range of tasks.

From a military perspective, DRAKO is seen as a combat-proven solution that allows forces to adapt reactively to their needs, optimize learning tasks, and maintain operational readiness. Delair positions DRAKO as a critical component in the evolving operational and technological landscape, providing a significant boost to the specialized UAV and combat UAV segments.

Delair’s release of DRAKO represents a strategic move to enhance the interoperability and efficiency of UAV operations across various platforms and environments.

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