DroneShield Unveils DroneSentry-C2 Tactical: A New Era in Handheld Drone Defense Systems

DroneSentry-C2 Tactical, a Field-Ready Command-and-Control System for Enhanced Counter-Drone Situational Awareness

DroneShield, a leading company in drone technology, has announced the launch of its new product, DroneSentry-C2 Tactical (DroneSentry-C2T). This new offering is a rugged, tablet-based command-and-control system designed to provide real-time counter-drone situational awareness.

The DroneSentry-C2T is a field-ready version of DroneShield’s primary Command-and-Control solution, DroneSentry-C2. It allows operators to maintain awareness of multiple portable, on-the-move, and fixed site systems in their area of interest. The system integrates with both DroneShield and third-party devices, such as the RfPatrol body-worn drone detector and the DroneSentry-X mobile and fixed site drone detection and defeat system.

The system features an intuitive satellite map-based display and facilitates two-way communication between the user and the network of counter-drone devices. It provides the ability to demonstrate drone detections from a network of sensors back to a central point on a rugged user tablet. Additionally, where lawful, it can activate drone defeat systems.

“The release of the DroneSentry-C2 Tactical solution is in line with modern defense technology trends, pushing enhanced situational awareness and decision-making tools to the operator at ‘the edge’. It allows personnel on the ground to take a more strategic view of the area of operation,” said Angus Bean, DroneShield’s CTO.

He further added, “DroneShield is both a sensor maker and a developer of C2/sensor integration systems, which enables us to provide an optimized experience for the end user. The release of the DroneSentry-C2T enables us to utilize our position as the global leader in the C-UAS handheld systems, and introduce the world’s first command-and-control system for a hand-held C-UAS environment.”

The launch of DroneSentry-C2T not only enhances the solutions for existing DroneShield users but also offers a new entry-level C2 solution to customers who do not require the full DroneSentry solution.

“As we are seeing in Ukraine and other places around the world, handheld C-UAS devices enable cost-effective, mass-scale drone detection and defeat capability. DroneSentry-C2T enables to network these groups of devices together, without a limitation on the size of the amount of devices, to provide a central point of awareness and response, either in the hands of a single master user or distributing information amongst multiple users in the field,” Bean explained.

The product has recently completed successful trials with the US Department of Defense.

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