DronetagBS RID- RTFM

dronetag 3000 1

YouTube creators, we know you are all hungry for views, but could we agree on one thing? READ THE MANUALS!!!

Don’t be mistaken; we love jokes and irony, but when reviewing our devices, we are naturally rather sensitive to false accusations and wrong assumptions.

This time, we are reacting to the humorous review by Ken Heron.

We are big fans of your style, Ken, but let us put things into the right place:

We at Dronetag clearly warn not to attach antennas to carbon or steel-like materials due to potential interference. If you do so, you might not get GNSS fix and might not broadcast anything; hence, you are not compliant with FAA regulations. Just do not ignore the laws of physics.

Follow our advice in the manual and wait for Dronetag BS to light white LED, indicating you are ready to fly!

Impatiently slapping the device on your drone and recklessly rushing into the air might result in fatal errors. We know manuals are annoying, but we get you into the air in a few seconds. Just trust us.

Please follow our advice and upload assisted GNSS data through our app. It will eliminate the annoying waiting time to acquire the initial GNSS fix.

Not updating your Dronetag app doesn’t belong to best practices. Even though it works.

Keep the Dronetag app up to date, enjoy new features we regularly add, and prevent unnecessary crashes.

Eager to know more about Dronetag devices? Check them out https://dronetag.cz/