Elegoo Neptune 4 series comparison: Pro, Plus, & Max

In May 2023, Elegoo announced its first high-speed 3D printer with Klipper firmware, named Neptune 4 Pro. After four months, they announced two new members of the N4 series named Plus and Max. The Neptune 4 Plus and Neptune 4 Max not only inherit the great features of the original Neptune 4 Pro but also get some significant improvements besides the large build volume.

The bigger build volume requires more heating power. The N4Pro has a 225x225mm print bed with 100+150W heating element, the N4Plus 320x320mm with 320W, respectively the N4Max 420x420mm 320W. All three models of the Neptune 4 family feature 121-point auto bed leveling with manual adjustment.

To handle higher temperatures and more complex filaments such as carbon fiber and ABS, the nozzle and the throat pipe of the N4 Plus and Max have also been upgraded from the N4 Pro. They adopt an all-titanium alloy heat tube and extended hot end with a 60W ceramic heating element.

Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro vs Plus vs Max in-depth comparison

In the table below, I compared the most important specs of the Neptune 4 family. Besides the bigger build volume, the newly announced N4 Plus and N4 Max feature WiFi connectivity, improved nozzle design, and a more powerful bed heating element.

ElegooNeptune 4 ProNeptune 4 PlusNeptune 4 Max
Printing volume225x225x265mm320x320x385mm420x420x480mm
Bed levelingManual & 121-point ABLManual & 121-point ABLManual & 121-point ABL
Platform materialPEI MagneticPEI MagneticPEI Magnetic
Bed temperature100°C100°C85°C
Hotbed power100W+150W320W320W
Nozzle designExtended hot endExtended hot end +60W ceramic heating element + brass heating blockExtended hot end +60W ceramic heating element + brass heating block
Throat pipeCopper-titanium bi-metalAll-titanium alloyAll-titanium alloy
Pressure advanceYesYesYes
Nozzle temperature300°C300°C300°C
Cooling fans4015, 4020, and 3020 ball blower fans4015, 3010, and 6025 ball blower fans4015, 3010, and 6025 ball blower fans
IlluminationLED light barLED light barLED light bar
Max Printing Speed500mm/s500mm/s500mm/s
File transferLAN and USBWiFi, LAN, and USBWiFi, LAN, and USB