Evolve Dynamics – Experimentation and integration at USSOCOM

In early April, Evolve Dynamics was selected to participate with the United States Special Operations Command at a Technical Experimentation Event. Evolve Dynamics engineers, along with the company’s CEO, conducted several real-world experiments with technologies being developed in-house. These solutions, currently at a low technology readiness level (TRL), were selected by USSOCOM personnel for technical experimentation as they were recognised as meeting the needs of special operators in today’s modern battlefield.

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The Evolve Dynamics team

At the event Evolve Dynamics engineers worked with other innovators on site to rapidly integrate new and novel payload capabilities to the benefit of the overall experimentation event. This real-world integration in the field, coupled with immediate feedback from special operators from the US, UK and Australia, greatly enhanced the development of all technology solutions involved. A wide range of solutions were present for experimentation, addressing many defence-related challenges including alternative (GPS-denied) navigation, AI/ML/CV, as well as various new sensors including radio frequency, visual, hyperspectral, multispectral, thermal and LiDAR.

>> Integrations

It is at this kind of event that the Evolve Dynamics team comes into its own, surrounded by opportunities for collaboration with end users and fellow technologists, and with potential integration challenges abounding. The team did not disappoint this time!

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Sky Mantis flying with the SkyWire HF antenna from Cyvil

With our software and mechanical engineers onsite, we were able to embark on a number of on-the-spot integrations with novel technologies, including: Primordial Labs‘ PTT voice control for UAVs; Cyvil‘s SkyWire HF tactical antenna; DeepNight, an AI night vision product; and a top secret sensor package capable of seeing through walls.

It was also great to see the team from Archangel Imaging again, who we are already collaborating with as part of Exercise Iron Titan for the British Army. See you next time, guys!

>> UAV capability for SOF

The newly-launched SKY MANTIS 2 offers market-leading ISTAR capability for a range of SOF use cases, with ultimate resilience to jamming – thanks to our continued partnership with leading mesh networking technology provider Doodle Labs. The platform also offers rapid deployment of sub 60 seconds; extreme weather operability in temperatures of -30°C/+50°C, winds of 75 kmh/46 Mph/40 knots/21 m/s, and heavy rain; and swappable task-specific payloads.

Discover more about SKY MANTIS 2.

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