FLOCON 2024 Announced: Florida’s Public Safety Drone Operations Conference

FLOCON, Florida public safety drone conference, DRONERESPONDERSFLOCON, Florida public safety drone conference, DRONERESPONDERSDates and Location Announced for 2024 Florida Public Safety Drone Operations Conference (FLOCON)

Event will showcase new technology and educate first responders on the use of Drones For Good®

The DRONERESPONDERS Florida Public Safety Coordination Group (FLOGRU) announced today that the 2024 Florida Public Safety Drone Operations Conference (FLOCON) will be held from February 20-22, 2024, in Auburndale, FL.  FLOCON will unite first responders from across Florida and other regions who are using small, uncrewed aircraft systems (sUAS) for a wide variety of life and safety missions.

FLOCON 2024 will build off the inaugural event held in March 2023 by offering additional classroom education combined with targeted clinics on the tactical use of sUAS for real-world law enforcement, fire rescue, and disaster response missions.  Live demonstrations of products and equipment for the ecosystem surrounding public safety drone operations will also be featured.

FLOCON 2023 23FLOCON 2023 23“What makes FLOCON unique compared to other public safety UAS training events is that it is entirely produced by first responders for first responders,” says Christopher Todd, Executive Director of AIRT – the official home of the DRONERESPONDERS program.  “FLOCON participants will learn in a safe and productive environment enabling them to become more proficient at operating drones to help save lives and protect property.”

SunTrax, a large-scale innovative facility developed by Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and dedicated to the research, development, and testing of emerging transportation technologies in safe and controlled environments, will again serve as the official host venue for FLOCON.

“SunTrax is a world-class facility that provides an ideal venue for our goal of safely and effectively training first responders and emergency services professionals in the use of drones in compliance with Florida law,” said Sgt. Robert Dooley, UAV Program Coordinator for the Florida Highway Patrol and leadership team member for the DRONERESPONDERS Florida Public Safety Coordination Group (FLOGRU).  “FLOCON 2024 will feature a robust program offering classroom-style education combined with outdoor flight clinics to provide comprehensive training for attendees.”

FLOCON has already helped train over 200 public safety agency members on how to operate drones for incident and disaster response.  Organizers say FLOCON 2024 will increase capacity to accommodate additional attendees.

“SunTrax is excited to return this year as the official host venue for FLOCON 2024,” said Pamela Foster, SunTrax Strategic Development Manager for Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. 

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