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Flyability Announces New LiDAR Payload for Elios 3: Survey Grade Results

flyability announces new lidar payload for elios 3 survey grade results

new LiDAR payload for Elios 3Flyability Announces New LiDAR Payload for Elios 3

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

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Swiss UAV company Flyability recently announced its new Surveying Payload, released in partnership with FARO Technologies, for its Elios 3 Drone at the Intergeo show in Berlin last week. Called the Ouster OS0-128 Rev 7, the new system will enable safe, centimeter-accurate scans of hard-to-reach areas and will be bundled with training, reflective targets, and specialized processing software FARO Connect. The new system is more precise than its predecessor, with a wider range, higher point density, and improved photon sensitivity. The new LiDAR payload for the Elios 3 is an alternative to the existing Ouster OS0-32 Rev 6.2, and targets professionals seeking “survey-grade results” in difficult environments. 

The enhanced features include improved volumetric scanning accurate to within 1% of terrestrial laser technologies, distance measurements with centimeter accuracy, and more detailed point clouds with sharper definition. The included FARO Connect software has SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) presets that are optimized for data gathered with the Elios 3. Using the reflective targets, the software is capable of georeferencing point clouds, as well as filtering them for noise to create unified, clean, exportable models. 

“The new Surveying Payload is a great step forward in enhancing the data quality achievable with a drone survey. We’re especially excited because this is a second payload for the Elios 3 and supports our long-term vision of routine drone inspections with minimal hardware turnover”, said Adrien Briod, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Flyability.

“The new survey package from Flyability represents another leap forward in their drive to make surveying easier and safer. FARO Connect combined with the increased range and precision from the updated payload is a compelling solution offering and we’re confident this will make a significant impact on customers mapping inaccessible environments”, said Leo Martinez, Director, Mapping Products, FARO Technologies.

More information of Flyability’s new Surveying System is available here

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