Force1 RC X5UW Thunderbolt Wi-Fi FPV Drone with Camera Live Video; Force1 Remote Control Drones with Camera Include Alt. Hold, 1-Key Control + Stunt Moves & More

I have actually been on the hunt for a drone for a while now, however, I wasn’t quite sure to get it. When I began looking into various drones I got a bit overloaded. I was pleasantly shocked when I began to read the reviews on this drone. They were really good, and on an impulse, I decided to order it. For $129.90, it is a mid-priced drone, but I wasn’t seeking to invest any more cash than that. Right from the package, I could inform you that this product was made well. The different parts of the drone felt like they were made pretty strong. I was expecting it to feel like a toy helicopter, however, it is far from that. The pieces feel like they could take a little bruising, so that made me feel relieved. I have actually been quite happy with this drone.

Best Features

I am a complete novice when it concerns flying drones, so the one secret remove was truly crucial to me. I worried about crashing when it pertained to remove and landing, so this drone saved me in that department. I enjoy flaunting to my kids with the one-touch 360 flips. It makes me look much more sophisticated than I am. The elevation hold is incredible for getting a good photo, and it is extremely simple to fly. I think this drone is ideal for newbies, and the electronic camera is fantastic. I have never ever seen an aerial view of our house prior to, now I have! It is incredible.

What’s Included

– X5UW Thunderbolt Wi-Fi FPV Drone

– 720p HD Drone FPV Cam

– 2.4 GHz Transmitter with Phone Clip (Push-button Control)

– 3.7 v 500mAh Li-Po Battery (3 )

– USB Battery Charger Cable

– USB SD Card Reader

– Extra Propellers (4 )

– Drone Tools

– User Manual


This drone comes prepared to fly right out of the box. I like that it features additional props in case something bad happens to them. While I attempt to fly safe, you never ever understand when you may crash. The electronic camera is truly clear, and the video it takes is fun to view over once again. It doesn’t take too long to charge, and it comes with lights so you can fly at nighttime and still see where your drone is when you are flying. You can likewise create your own route and the drone will fly it for you.


The only con is that you’re expected to have a cool-off period in between the different batteries.

Final Verdict

Honestly, I am truly happy with my purchase. I think it is remarkable, and my kids agree with me. For simply over $100, I would totally acquire it again. If you’re looking for a drone with a great electronic camera and rate, this is the one for you.