From Bushveld to Britain: XPLORER Drone Combines Rugged Design with Precision Engineering

sentian aerospace

EMC Operations Group is looking to upgrade our production capability for our Sentian Class XPLORER UAS in order to meet the demands of higher volume orders. We have funding goals to meet so that we can intensify the manufacture volume of our low-cost strategic drone.

We have never taken equity based investment, simply because so many UAS (and generally defence based) firms are overextended on VC funding. Often what this leads to is a recurring cycle of requirement to appear slick and shiny in demeanour, brand, and product.

Given that we’ve taken no investment until now, we aren’t forced to be pretentious about the slickness of our system. It’s rugged, and with a newly refined and standardised production process utilising the Dube-Moyo method of design; as such we’re ready to procure more. Sentian is making a move to the UK, combining rugged and brilliant design for fantastic function in the South African Bushveld with precision British engineering.

XPLORER is acceptable, not exceptional, but simplicity is a benefit rather than a drawback for our strategic system. As such, we’re looking to produce more systems that can operate within this parameter of simplicity, bringing far lower cost solutions to mining firms in Canada and Norway, Oil and Gas prospecting firms in Niger, and pipeline inspection in Turkey and the USA. XPLORER is long endurance, waypoint capable, low cost (both to purchase and to operate,) and VTOL module capable making it the ideal replacement for a number of functions normally performed by helicopters or light aircraft in a commercial setting.

Sure, we’re getting further involved in the military procurement, but this first phase of investment is for those commercial firms (after the dealings we’ve had with African governments for counter-poaching and conservation.) We have the product, we have the market and demand, but we don’t have the funds to deliver as we want to.

When supply exceeds demand, we have a choice:

-Raise capital in order to allow production to increase.
-Raise product prices in order to raise the money ourselves.

Given that we pride XPLORER on being about as inexpensive as systems come for it’s class (only about £500k for base,) we’d much prefer to do the former!

If you would like to join the venture please follow the link above.

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