Future Flight Systems – Vocabulary BSI Flex 1903

What does BSI Flex 1903 cover?

The standard includes definitions of 90 terms and 53 acronyms used in future flight systems and the ecosystem in which they operate. This creates a shared vocabulary for everyone involved, ensuring a common understanding and use of terminology.

Why is it needed?

By enabling clear and effective communication across different fields and stakeholders, BSI Flex 1903 will help to streamline discussions and collaboration and accelerate acceptance of and trust in the technology.

Having a shared language will also foster innovation and development within the domain, playing a critical role in revolutionizing how we connect people, transport goods and provide services through new types of air vehicles.

Who is it for?

The standard is applicable to the UK-based future flight systems ecosystem. It is for use by legislators, regulators, insurers, and organizations involved in uncrewed aircraft systems operations, technologies, and infrastructure, as well as aircraft manufacturers.

BSI Flex 1903 has been developed via a dynamic and iterative standardization approach, called BSI Flex. This approach permits a rapid response to industry changes and can result in the publication of several versions a year. Therefore, by its nature, the standard will change from time to time with subsequent iteration.

BSI Flex 1903 v1.0 has undergone technical review, a consensus building process, and public consultation. All subsequent versions will go through this review process.