Garuda Aerospace’s Kisan Drone: Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture Under PM Modi’s Drone Didi Scheme

Garuda Aerospace DGCA Approvals Type Certification, Garuda drones subsidyEmpowering Women Farmers and Boosting Agricultural Efficiency with Cutting-Edge UAV Technology

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian J. McNabb

Indian drone developer Garuda Aerospace recently announced their receipt of 500 orders for their Kisan drone from ten fertilizer companies under PM Narendra Modi’s Drone Didi scheme, designed to support women-lead “Self Help Groups” and further the use of UAVs in India’s rapidly developing agricultural industry. 

On the farm, the Kisan can be used for precision spraying of chemicals and fertilizers, in addition to reducing required water use (the release claims that they can increase yields by up to 60% while reducing crop loss by 20%). It’s equipped with a full suite of AI, ML, and GPS sensors to give farmers up-to-date accurate information about their fields.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace said, “Drones have the power to transform farming and agriculture in India. At Garuda Aerospace, we have been front runners advocating the use of agriculture drones for multiple proposes. The order of 500 Kisan drones is a win for us as a company as well as the agriculture economy. It will improve efficiency and enable farmers to harness the numerous benefits of this revolutionary technology. We are confident that this partnership with the 10 fertilizer companies under the NaMo Drone Didi scheme will go a long way.”

PM Modi’s Drone Didi scheme is designed to help women become agricultural leaders in their communities through technology. Garuda Aerospace has already trained 185 women in rural areas, helping them integrate UAV technology into their farming processes. 

More information on Garuda Aerospace, and their Kisan drone, is available here

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