Geofencing coming to Autel products

Autel robotics security

I have it on good authority that this is a valid statement, probably an update to avoid from Autel for everyone (GM). I have reached out for response from Autel but nothing yet.

To ensure that Autel Robotics products and services are not used in violent conflicts, no-fly zones have been established for sensitive areas, including: all of Palestine, all of Israel, all of Russia, all of Ukraine, all of Myanmar. , Taiwan Province of China, Aruna Char Region, Kashmir Region.

Starting today, over the next week, AutelRobotics will be targeting the following: EVO MAX 4T, EVO II Pro V3 Rugged Bundle, EVO II Pro RTK V3, EVO II Pro Enterprise V3, EVO II Dual 640T V3, EVO II Dual 640T RTK V3, EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise V3, EVO Nano/Nano+ series, EVO Lite/Lite+ series, Dragon Fish series will send the designated firmware via online update.

If the product you are using belongs to the above area, please DO NOT UPDATE your product. Otherwise, your drone will not be able to fly; if you insist on upgrading or upgrade by accident, which makes the drone unusable, there is nothing we can do.

Please read this important content carefully. In short, please DO NOT UPDATE your Autel drones from now on if you use them in this area:

All of Palestine,

All of Israel,

All of Russia,

All of Ukraine,

All of Myanmar, Taiwan, Aruna Char Region, Kashmir Region.

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