GoolRC T47 FPV Drone Foldable with Wifi Camera Live Video 2.4G 4 Channel 6 Axis Gravity Sensor RC Selfie Quadcopter RTF With Bonus Batter

This drone has been so amazing to use. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since whatever online was a bit confusing, however, I was delighted to attempt it out. Right, when I got it I was stunned by how cool it looks. The red color is truly quiet, however, it likewise makes it extremely simple to see it up in the air.

For me, that was a significant reward given that I was fretted about losing it all the time. This drone guarantees a lot, but it likewise provides a lot. I have been really happy considering that I have been using this drone. If you are on the lookout for an excellent drone that isn’t going to make you hand over your limb for an exchange, you have actually pertained to the best place.

Best Features

The first notable thing to discuss is the cam. The electronic camera is so easy to shoot, and the photos come out amazingly clear. I was surprised by how well the camera worked. It is 720p HD, so you understand it is going to be excellent. Likewise, the appeal mode is something to mention. I have no concept of what it does, but it makes your photos just a bit more pretty so take a look at it. The elevation hold is always a good feature, and the one-touch return is mentionable. You can either utilize the included controller or you can utilize your phone. If you use your phone, you can tilt it to fly and manage it like that. It is a quite cool feature. Plus, this drone includes an extra battery so you double your flight time. The charging time is only an hour, which is a lot faster than some other drones on the market.


This drone is extremely simple to control, specifically if you use your phone. It seems like a far more interactive experience when you use your phone, and it isn’t difficult to see where it is reoccurring from. There are easy turns to do, and it makes you look a lot more professional than you are. The drone looks terrific, it folds up pretty compact, and it features an additional battery. The controller is really difficult to utilize. It is not like other drone controllers at all. It is a joystick-type controller. However, this issue is easily fixed when you utilize your phone instead.

Final Verdict

For $73.99, I actually like this drone. It is affordable, but it still gets the task done. I have been happily amazed at everything it has been able to do, and it is easily comparable to the drones I have seen my friends utilize before. I would buy it again without a doubt.