Guardian Agriculture Soars into Commercial Operations: A New Era of Sustainable Farming Takes Flight

Guardian ag eVTOL for agriculture, agriculture eVTOL, crop spraying eVTOLMassachusetts-based company becomes the first eVTOL manufacturer to commence commercial operations, marking a significant milestone in sustainable farming and eVTOL technology.

Guardian Agriculture, a Massachusetts-based company specializing in electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) systems for sustainable farming, announces that they are the first eVTOL manufacturer to commence commercial operations. The company has recently deployed four of its aviation-grade eVTOL aircraft for crop spraying in California’s Salinas Valley.

The eVTOLs developed by Guardian offer a more efficient, sustainable, and safe alternative to traditional crop-dusting methods or ground-based equipment. These systems are fully programmable, repeatable, and easy to operate, capable of covering up to 60 acres per hour, carrying a 200lb payload, and boasting a combined tank fill and supercharge time of less than 1 minute.

Guardian is making its mark in a global commercial agriculture sector valued at $65 billion annually. “This is a significant milestone for sustainable farming and a major advancement for eVTOL technology,” stated Adam Bercu, Founder and CEO of Guardian. He added, “We are the only company that has secured FAA approval for commercial operations nationwide and has actually started flying missions for paying customers.”

In March 2023, Guardian received approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate its aircraft nationwide, becoming the first commercially authorized eVTOL in the U.S. Guardian is also part of the FAA’s Integration Partnership Agreement, which provides advice on incorporating eVTOLs into the National Airspace System.

Guardian’s eVTOL platform, which has already received more than $100 million in customer orders, is the only autonomous, electric, aerial crop protection system designed specifically for large-scale agriculture. Unlike other unmanned autonomous systems, Guardian designs and manufactures its system entirely within the U.S., supporting U.S. competitiveness, jobs, and national security.

Established in 2017, Guardian has offices in Massachusetts and California and has raised over $20 million in funding. The leadership team comprises engineering, autonomy, and manufacturing leaders who have previously held senior positions at companies like Apple, BAE, Sikorsky, Righthand Robotics, Tesla, and Uber.

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