HyLight raise 3.7m€: Greener Inspections for a Sustainable World

HyLight raise 3.7m€: Greener Inspections for a Sustainable World

Our mission: to help us understand and care for our world in the face of climate change, without creating more greenhouse gasses (GHGs).

Our focus: ensuring energy infrastructure is healthy and efficient. This means:

  • Leak-free gas pipelines: HyLight precisely inspects pipelines on a large scale to find potential leaks, helping gas companies keep their infrastructure safe and efficient.
  • Reliable power grids: HyLight inspects power lines to identify potential problems like failing components or overgrown vegetation. This helps power companies maintain a safe and reliable grid.

Our secret weapon: The HyLighter.

The HyLighter is a unique technology we developed, built, and fly ourselves. It uses cutting-edge sensors to collect high-quality data, including:

  • Visual and infrared photos and videos
  • 3D point clouds with LiDAR
  • Gas leak detection

We can even integrate other sensors based on your specific needs.

Data security is our priority.

The data HyLight collects is securely stored onboard and can be transferred live during flights. However, it’s usually downloaded securely through our cloud after the flight is complete.

Safety first, always.

We operate HyLight in both populated and unpopulated areas, so safety is paramount. Here’s how we ensure it:

  • Strict adherence to regulations: We follow all European drone regulations, operating in the Open and Specific categories.
  • Slow and easy descent: Even in an emergency, HyLight’s descent rate is incredibly slow (tested at 4 km/h) thanks to its lighter-than-air design.
  • High visibility: HyLight’s large size makes it easy to see and avoid (visible from over 2 km away).
  • Blimp safety: In case of a landing, HyLight’s envelope acts like a giant airbag, minimizing any impact.
  • Superior stability: Gyroscopes and control surfaces keep HyLight stable at all times.
  • Tethered for security: HyLight is slightly heavier than air, making it impossible to fly away.

Join us on this journey!

HyLight is on a mission to change how we observe and care for our planet. It’s a long flight, but a meaningful one. Let’s embark together!

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