iFlight Afterburner 5: FPV drone for professional cinematic works

IFlight developed the Afterburner 5″ FPV drone in partnership with 2RAW; a company focused on cinematic FPV drones. Adopting a true-x frame structure, it has a 20% smaller footprint than traditional 5-inch freestyle frames.

To reduce the vibration and movements of the GoPro camera during flights, this is installed in the center of the frame, not in front. The view will be clean, regardless of whether the camera is installed vertically (16:9) or horizontally (9:16), from 5 to 60 degrees. Due to this approach, the battery is moved from the top to the bottom of the drone. The frame structure seems solid, not to withstand crashes but to reduce the jello effect.

Inside the aero shell is a powerful flight stack using a BLITZ F7 flight controller and BLITZ E55 4-IN-1 55A ESC. The XING2 2207 1750KV motors are equipped with GEMFAN 5.1X3.6X3 propellers. For best performance, the iFlight Afterburner is intended to be powered by 6S LIPO batteries. You can expect a maximum hovering time of 11 minutes with a 1400mAh battery (w/o extra load).

You can opt for ELRS 868/915MHZ, ELRS 2.4GHz, or TBS Crossfire NANO RX according to your existing transmitter. The iFlight Afterburner 5 is natively compatible with DJI’s FPV V2 controller.

Equipped with a DJI O3 Air Unit HD digital FPV system, you can expect up to 10 km video transmission range and 4K onboard recording. The system guarantees crisp and smooth real-time view in your goggles, even in environments with interference.

Top 6 key features of iFlight & 2RAW Afterburner Cinematic FPV drone frame

  • [Ultra light] It weighs just 460g, including antennas, GPS, etc. With the flight battery and a GoPro action camera on top, you can easily stay under 1kg take-off weight.
  • [Smallest Footprint] iFlight realizes that when traveling and filming with a 5inch FPV drone, size is everything; that’s why Afterburner has a 20% smaller footprint than traditional 5inch freestyle frames; this allows for easier transportation as well as increased agility and less drag – meaning better all-round performance.
  • [Unique Aero Shell] The aeroshell makes Afterburner look unique and engineered with aerodynamics in mind. It controls the airflow around the body and within the drone. As the drone’s speed increases, the aero shell acts as an air divider, preventing air from hitting the flat top plate. The shell also helps to shield the electronics from dirt and moisture so you can have more confidence in critical situations.
  • [Advanced Truss Arms] The team experimented with various arm designs made out of flat carbon over several months. Several concepts and different truss structures were tested until we found the optimal arms. The star design combined with the trusses ensures great stiffness while keeping the weight down and perfect balance, delivering exceptional results when filming with buttery footage.
  • [Bottom Mount Battery] Inspired by FPV racers, we took a bottom mount battery approach; this allows the battery to cause minimal drag possible and completely clears the top of the drone to allow for the Gopro mounting as well as a clear line of sight for the GPS. In 16:9, the GoPro has no props in the view from 5 degrees to 60 degrees. Afterburner was built for the cinema pilot! The central battery also allows the CG to remain close to the middle of the body, allowing for improved agility in the air.
  • [Lowest Resonance – Highest Performance] T700 Toray Twill weave Carbon Fibre guarantees the best quality material.

iFlight Afterburner 5 video review by Mads Tech

In the video below, Mads Tech, you can see some sample footage recorded with the Afterburner 5 drone.

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