Introducing the Drone Express DE-2023 Phoenix: Transforming the Future of Delivery

Kroger drone

Drone Express, a pioneering leader in drone technology, has unveiled the DE-2023 Phoenix quadcopter, the latest advancement in drone delivery. The company is committed to innovation and efficiency, and this new drone model is set to revolutionize package delivery.

The Phoenix boasts state-of-the-art features and capabilities that redefine the drone delivery experience. With cutting-edge navigation systems, advanced safety protocols, and a sleek quadcopter design, the Phoenix ensures swift and secure deliveries while adhering to the highest industry standards. With its precision engineering, this drone can carry payloads of up to 85 pounds and travel distances of up to 20 miles, making it the ideal solution for delivering goods to customers across multiple locations. It also offers seamless integration with the Drone Express user-friendly delivery app.

“Our drone design represents a fusion of form and function that will set new industry standards,” said Beth Flippo, Chief Executive Officer at Drone Express. “We are proud to introduce the Phoenix as a significant leap forward in drone delivery technology. This milestone reflects our dedication to creating solutions that streamline and elevate the delivery experience for businesses and customers.”

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Drone Express is one of a select few companies that will attain a Part 135 FAA certification for autonomous drone delivery.

About Drone Express: Drone Express is an innovative aviation company disrupting last-mile logistics by embracing autonomous flight. Founded in 2021, the company uses drones to deliver safe, reliable, autonomous, eco-friendly packages nationwide to customers. They have secured strategic nationwide corporate partnerships with The Kroger Company, Papa Johns International, Winsupply, and other retailers. They have earned a limited spot in the Part 135 Unmanned Domestic Air Carrier Certification program through extensive work with the FAA. Drone Express will be one of only a few companies certified to perform unmanned beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in the United States.

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