Kelluu Hydrogen Powered Airships on the Drone Radio Show! Revolutionizing Aerial Data Collection

Kelluu hydrogen powered airships drone radio showKelluu hydrogen powered airships drone radio showHydrogen airships, this week on the Drone Radio Show!  Janne Hietala, CEO of Kelluu, speaks with host Randy Goers about how the company’s hydrogen-powered airships are revolutionizing aerial data collection. Listen here:

Janne Hietala is a technology enthusiast and CEO of Finland based, Kelluu.  Kelluu designs, manufactures and operates intelligent airships for persistent aerial monitoring.  Kelluu’s fleet of hydrogen powered vehicles, capable of staying airborne for 12-hours, is equipped with an array of spectral cameras, sensors, and scanners.  These instruments can gather real-time data on a diverse range of subjects, including terrain, vegetation, and infrastructure.

Janne’s journey in entrepreneurship is noteworthy, with achievements such as bootstrapping a software company to a remarkable 15 million EUR in revenue, managing a team of 250 professionals across seven countries, and ultimately exiting the venture in 2021. His achievements were recognized in 2012 when he was honored with the prestigious Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.  Founded in 2018, under Janne’s leadership, Kelluu has swiftly established itself as a key player in the creation of digital twins, catering to various applications and industries.

In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Janne shares his insights on how Kelluu’s innovative hydrogen-powered airships are poised to revolutionize the way we approach aerial data collection, offering scalability and efficiency across numerous sectors.

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