Malaysia, truly Asia – that Anzu and Cogito factory?

Malaysia, truly Asia – that Anzu and Cogito factory?

Not a week has passed since I had one of the busiest Sundays in years when news started breaking of the Specta drones (there is a small one as well) and the Anzu Robotics Raptor T. The Specta was known the Raptor T a new player. So the Sunday chatter was about the drones and also the factory in Malaysia.

A second Youtuber has a Cogito Tech Specta Air and plenty of further proof that it has DJI guts inside. Great video, thanks Jay.

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So going from the known, this is either a DJI factory or somebody building under licence.

They are building older DJI models, but not all that old.


The instant win I can see for Cogito and perhaps drone newbies everywhere is the small one, the Specta Mini, if that comes in around $300 it will wipe out other low cost manufactuers like Fimi, Potensic Atom and all the others popping up. This is an easy win.

The larger ones, the Cogito Specta Air and the Anzu Raptor T. Those are a harder sell.

Then last night it came to me, we have reached an age of good enough drone tech. Yes new machines will have bells and whistles but day to day professional survey and mapping work is being flown by Mavics and Air 3’s. So if you can remove China worries you have known platforms just getting on with it. The key for these will be customer service, if you can’t get bits then they are out.

Best add a line to the Gartner Hype Cycle

Gartner Hype Cycle tech of good enough

Malaysia has a very succesful drone inspection company Aerodyne they have offices around the world and could easily take hundreds of known platforms free of any China concerns and with batteries of low enough watt hours to take on a plane. All the airframes we have seen to date fit that bill.

Putting the China work around to one side, maybe this is the first clue that we have reached the Plateau of Productivity for some classes of multirotors.

Aerodyne world

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