Marut Drones & IFFCO Initiate Large-Scale Drone Spraying in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Marut Drones Spraying Drone

In an effort to advance agricultural practices in India, the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has teamed up with Marut Drones for a comprehensive drone spraying initiative across approximately 5 lakh acres in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

This strategic partnership will leverage Marut Drones’ advanced drone technology to distribute a variety of agricultural products developed by IFFCO Agri-products, with the goal of boosting crop yields and reducing environmental impact. The collaboration is set to improve agricultural productivity and implement sustainable practices in the targeted regions.

A notable aspect of this partnership is the support it provides to rural entrepreneurs who have invested in drone technology, offering drones as a service (DAAS) to local farmers. This model not only promotes local entrepreneurship but also makes cutting-edge agricultural technology accessible on a pay-per-acre basis, even to small-scale farmers. Additionally, those interested in joining the initiative can benefit from government subsidies to purchase agricultural drones.

DAAS allows farmers to hire drone services from rural entrepreneurs, ensuring cost-effective and accessible solutions. Drone owners and service providers partnering with Marut can also receive incentives for using IFFCO products in their operations.

Prem Kumar, Co-founder and CEO of Marut Drones, highlighted the benefits of the partnership, saying, “This collaboration signifies a paradigm shift in farming practices, allowing farmers to minimize direct contact with pesticides, thereby safeguarding their health. Furthermore, the utilization of drones addresses labor shortages by completing tasks in a fraction of the time it would take manually, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.”

The collaboration between IFFCO and Marut Drones aims to create a more efficient and resilient farming ecosystem. Through the adoption of drone technology, the initiative seeks to empower farmers, stimulate economic growth, and secure food security for the future.

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