March 24, 2023

Mayman’s VTOL Speeder

maymans vtol speeder

This practical, real-world turbine-powered design would seem at home in a sci-fi movie. The Mayman Aerospace Speeder is designed to lift up to 600 lb. of cargo. The U.S. Air Force AFWerX Agility Prime initiative recently added Mayman Aerospace to the list of companies receiving support to develop new-generation vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Maymans’s Speeder includes a module that provides a motorcycle-like configuration for a piloted version. Speeder uses vectored-engine thrust—and quick-fit aerodynamic surfaces can be added for extended range missions. The Speeder will be powered by net zero e-fuel reportedly produced from renewable electricity and carbon captured from the air. In military applications, it could be used for autonomous swarming operations, logistics, and rapid response. Civilian operations include logistics, medical and firefighting use cases. For further background, please see Watch a video on Mayman’s recent AFWERX Grant here. Story and photos courtesy of Mayman Aerospace and

Mayman’s Speeder Optionally Piloted Cargo Jet VTOL

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