One shot one hit fire control system being used to target drones in Israel

smash drone weapon

Handheld operated or remotely controlled, the SMASH family of fire control systems excels in combat as well as in HLS due to its unique ability to counter drones and enhance operational effectiveness against ground, aerial, and maritime targets. The SMASH systems are currently in operational use by the IDF as part of the Swords of Iron War in Israel.

SMARTSHOOTER, an acclaimed innovator in fire control systems that significantly increase hit probability against ground and aerial targets, will present its combat-proven SMASH fire control systems at the MILIPOL exhibition in Paris.

SMASH is a cutting-edge Weapon Fire Control System (FCS) equipped with onboard computing capabilities for intricate targeting solutions. Once the user identifies the target independently or through the detection system guidance, SMASH takes over, locking on the target and tracking its movements to synchronize the shot release for swift and precise hits.

The SMASH Family of fire control systems can be operated either by hand or controlled from a secure distance, employing Artificial Intelligence, computer vision, and advanced algorithms to eliminate threats rapidly and with minimal risk to the operator.

Furthermore, these remarkable systems facilitate various software applications that improve performance in complicated law enforcement scenes, such as less-lethal applications.

The SMASH fire control systems are currently operational in various defense, HLS, and border security forces around the world, spanning Israel, England, Europe, the USA, India, and others. Beyond increasing hit accuracy against ground and aerial targets, including drones, SMASH substantially reduces operating costs, training hours, and ammunition consumption, effectively elevating the skills of all shooters to expert level.

Michal Mor, SMARTSHOOTER CEO, stated: “SMARTSHOOTER’s fire control solutions are designed to provide law enforcement officers with a critical tactical advantage in almost every operational scenario. Our goal is to maximize operational effectiveness throughout every engagement while prioritizing the safety of our forces and ensuring that innocent civilians remain unharmed.” During Milipol, SMARTSHOOTER will present both handheld operated and remotely controlled systems, including the SMASH 3000 and the SMASH Hopper light remotely controlled weapon system.


SMARTSHOOTER is a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms.

With a rich record in designing unique solutions for the warfighter, SMARTSHOOTER technology enhances mission effectiveness through the ability to accurately engage and eliminate ground, aerial, static or moving targets during both day and night operations.

Designed to help military and law enforcement professionals swiftly and accurately neutralize their targets, the company’s combat-proven SMASH Family of Fire Control Systems increase assault rifle lethality while keeping friendly forces safe and reducing collateral damage. With a unique technology that makes it possible for every battlefield element to be connected with every other battlefield element, SMASH creates a micro-
tactical network that dramatically enhances real-time situational awareness and ensures that the entire platoon shares a common operational picture.

The company’s experienced team of engineers combine electro-optics, computer vision technologies, real-time embedded software, ergonomics, and system engineering to provide cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions for modern conflicts.

Fielded and operational, SMARTSHOOTER’s SMASH family of solutions provides end-users with a “One Shot – One Hit” capability across multiple mission areas, creating a significant advantage for the infantry soldier and ultimately revolutionizing the world of small arms and optics.

SMARTSHOOTER’s headquarters are based in Yagur, Israel, and its European subsidiary is based in Düsseldorf, Germany. The company also has an American subsidiary in Maryland and an Australian subsidiary in Canberra.

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