Oregon UAS Accelerator Launches to Propel Innovation in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Market

oregon uas accelerator

Today marks a pivotal moment for innovators in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) market as the Oregon UAS Accelerator officially launches its groundbreaking initiative. With generous funding from Business Oregon totaling $2.25 million over two years, the Accelerator is poised to catapult UAS innovation to new heights, fostering economic growth and job creation in rural Oregon.

The Oregon UAS Accelerator builds upon the success of the Pendleton UAS Range (PUR), which has become a cornerstone of UAS testing and development in the region. With an operational ceiling of 15,000 feet mean sea level (MSL) and access to 14,000 square miles of diverse terrain and infrastructure, PUR offers unparalleled testing opportunities for the UAS industry, making it the busiest UAS range approaching 50,000 UAS operations.

The Accelerator will build on this success, offering each company a $40,000 non-dilutive award, access to state-of-the-art workspace, strategic partnerships, cutting-edge facilities, and expert guidance from range staff. The Accelerator provides an unparalleled platform for innovators to thrive. Cohort 1 applications open in March, promising a journey of innovation and growth for selected participants, with the program set to commence in June.

“We are thrilled to launch the Oregon UAS Accelerator, a catalyst for innovation in the UAS market,” said Steve Christman, City of Pendleton Economic Development & Airport Director. “Through strategic partnerships, cutting-edge facilities, and access to the Pendleton UAS Range, we empower innovators to chart a course towards market success while propelling Oregon to the forefront of UAS innovation globally.”

The significance of the Oregon UAS Accelerator extends beyond its immediate benefits to innovators. By fostering innovation and speed to market, the Accelerator plays a pivotal role in advancing UAS integration. With projected market opportunities soaring to $9 trillion by 2050, the Accelerator’s impact reverberates across industries, unlocking immense economic potential for Oregon and beyond.

Tom Perkowski, Accelerator Executive Director, says, “Oregon’s unique advantages, including its UAS cluster in The Gorge and three FAA-approved UAS test ranges, position the state as a leader in UAS innovation.” Perkowski continues, “The Accelerator’s focus on facilitating innovation and coaching companies to get to market with a proven product and business model will drive the growth of UAS innovators, solidifying Oregon’s position as a global hub for UAS development.”

For innovators eager to seize this unparalleled opportunity, the Oregon UAS Accelerator beckons as a gateway to success. By providing access to resources, expertise, and a thriving ecosystem, the Accelerator paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in the UAS market, shaping the future
of aerospace innovation.

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About the Oregon UAS Accelerator

The Oregon UAS Accelerator is a pioneering initiative to drive innovation in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) market. With generous funding from Business Oregon, the Accelerator provides innovators with access to workspace, partners, facilities, range staff, financial support, and mentorship opportunities. The Accelerator aims to establish Oregon as the nation’s premier destination for UAS development and integration.

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