Propelling the Future: Bellwether Industries and Schubeler Forge Strategic Partnership for Cutting-Edge Electric Propulsion in Urban Air Mobility

OA.849 1Bellwether Industries, a London-based urban air mobility company, and Schubeler, a German company specializing in electric propulsion systems, recently announced a strategic partnership to continue using Schubeler’s technology in upcoming designs. After the success of the partnership when it came to Bellwether’s “Antelope” eVTOL, the upcoming “Oryx” will also feature Schubeler engines as both companies seek to advance UAM innovation.

Daniel Schubeler, the founder and co-CEO of Schubeler, was quoted as saying, “Among the numerous initiatives transforming personal aerial mobility, Bellwether Industries occupies a unique slot. Their compelling vision for future personal urban mobility, technological boldness and strategic presence in regions of the world that are the most likely to embrace aerial mobility put them at the forefront of the market. We’re honored to bring Bellwether expertise in clean, safe, silent, high-performance and certification-ready electric propulsion systems.”

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Vidyut Jacob, Bellwether’s Senior Director of Mobility and Strategy, highlighted Schubeler’s history as a pioneer within the electric propulsion space, saying, “Schubeler’s contribution to the development of electric propulsion has been pivotal in shaping Bellwether’s Volar eVTOL. Both entities share a strong commitment to innovation and technology advancement. We are looking forward to integrating their propulsion technology into our upcoming phases, including the highly anticipated full-scale launch, further solidifying our collaboration.”

As part of their partnership, Bellwether invited Schubeler to showcase their latest electric ducted fan for eVTOL applications – the eP05-21 – at Bellwether’s booth at the Dubai Air Show held earlier this month.

Last year, Bellwether Industries announced a similar partnership with Inmarsat to use its Velaris UAV connectivity solution, showcasing a collaborative approach to drone systems development. Their “Volar” is designed to be a new class of intra-city transport widely available within the next ten years, with the Onyx actively being tested in Dubai.

More information on Bellwether Industries is available here. More information on Schubeler is available here.

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