RUAS – Junior Pilot

We’re looking for a Junior Drone Pilot to join our team!

Company Overview: Join RUAS, a top-tier Commercial Drone Service and Training Provider in the UK. We stand out in the industry with our comprehensive qualifications, certified by the CAA, and a team of expert pilots and instructors. Our advanced CAA permissions and superior aircraft technology enable us to produce complex and accurate datasets, ensuring excellence in various applications.

With 30 years of UAS and aviation expertise, we are committed to delivering outstanding service to our clients and students. We specialise in multi-rotor and fixed-wing aircraft, backed by cutting-edge software and methodologies for secure data processing.

At RUAS, innovation is key. We constantly embrace new technologies and ideas, setting us apart in the industry. We operate across diverse sectors such as rail, construction, media, surveying, conservation, energy, emergency services, and infrastructure, offering aerial imagery, surveying, and inspection solutions.

Position Overview: As part of our commitment to innovation and efficiency, we are seeking a motivated individual to join our team as a Junior UAS Pilot. This is an exciting opportunity for someone passionate about aviation and eager to develop their skills in the rapidly growing field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

As a Junior UAS Pilot at RUAS, you will be responsible for assisting in the operation of our fleet of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), commonly known as drones. This entry-level position is perfect for individuals with a strong interest in aviation, excellent problem-solving skills, and a willingness to learn and grow in a dynamic environment.

Key Responsibilities:
Operate unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for various projects and missions.
Perform pre-flight and post-flight checks to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the UAS.
Collaborate with the operations team to plan and execute flights in accordance with regulatory requirements.
Assist in the maintenance and troubleshooting of UAS equipment.
Contribute to the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for UAS operations.

Basic knowledge of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and their components.
Strong communication and teamwork skills.
Ability to adapt to changing project requirements and work in a fast-paced environment.
Willingness to undergo additional training and certification as required.

Desired Skills:
Experience with rotary-wing or fixed-wing UAS.
Familiarity with the Regulations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (RUAS).
Basic understanding of aviation weather and airspace regulations.
Knowledge of UAS payload systems (cameras, sensors, etc.).

Apply: Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV along with a cover letter detailing their motivation and suitability for the role. Please send your application to [email protected] with the subject line “Junior UAS Pilot Application – [Your Full Name].”