Skydio X10D Added to U.S. Department of Defense’s Blue UAS Cleared List

Skydio x10 Trimble, Skydio Trimble, Skydio Top Drone ManufacturersSkydio x10 Trimble, Skydio Trimble, Skydio Top Drone Manufacturers

Enterprise version of Skydio X10

New Drone Recognized for Enhanced Security and Operational Effectiveness

Skydio, a U.S.-based drone manufacturer specializing in autonomous flight, has announced that its Skydio X10D model has been added to the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Blue sUAS Cleared List. This recognition by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) highlights the Skydio X10D’s adherence to rigorous security standards and its capability to enhance operational effectiveness in various defense scenarios.

The DIU’s Blue UAS Cleared List identifies products that meet the U.S. government’s stringent security and performance standards, ensuring the U.S. armed forces have access to reliable technology without compromising operational security. The inclusion of the Skydio X10D on this list simplifies and accelerates procurement for government and defense entities.

“As the largest manufacturer of small drones in the United States, serving every branch of the U.S. military, the Blue UAS Cleared List is a critical distinction for Skydio X10D,” said Mark Valentine, President of Global Government at Skydio. “This represents an important step forward in providing secure, autonomous uncrewed aerial systems to more U.S. defense operations. As the only domestic company producing dual-use drones at scale for both the enterprise and defense sectors, Skydio is proud to get the X10D into the hands of our service members, providing a critical combat capability in a time of growing global threats.”

The Skydio X10D is the second generation of Skydio aircraft to qualify for the Blue UAS list, following the Skydio X2D. This demonstrates Skydio’s history of satisfying stringent cybersecurity requirements.

Building on the technology foundation and customer experience of the Skydio X2D, the X10D serves as a core component of drone fleets for each major U.S. service branch and numerous international ministries of defense. The Skydio X10D meets or exceeds the rigorous requirements for defense applications, offering all-domain, attritable autonomy through its computer vision platform. It is a critical tool for enhancing operational effectiveness and situational awareness across various defense scenarios.

An optimal choice for stealth reconnaissance, the X10D features a 48MP telephoto camera capable of identifying a person from 2400 feet away and a vehicle from 6500 feet away. It is the first drone to feature the Teledyne FLIR Boson+ sensor, the small drone industry’s most precise radiometric thermal camera, optimized for ISR use day or night. The X10D also includes Skydio NightSense, the only onboard AI supporting autonomous flight in low- or no-light environments, and a Blackout Mode that turns off all lights, making the drone invisible to the naked eye.

The Skydio X10D is available for purchase through the General Services Administration (GSA) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) schedules, streamlining procurement processes for government and defense entities.

For more details on Skydio X10D’s capabilities and integration into defense operations, please visit Skydio’s official website.

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