Skystars Koko 2207 1950Kv: Racing and freestyle FPV motor for 5″ drones

SkyStars KOKO 2207 1950KV motors

I received these Koko 2207 motors and a SKYSTARS F722HD flight stack two years ago, but somehow I forgot to review them. The motors have 16x16mm and can be installed on most 5-5.5″ FPV frames, regardless of design and type.

The Skystars Koko 2207 motors have four KV options (1750KV, 1950KV, 2550KV, and 2750KV) and are suitable for racing and freestyle FPV drones. The 1750KV and 1950KV are 4S compatible, and the 2550KV and 2750KV for 6S batteries.

The five-inch racing world seems to have mostly settled on 2207 and 2306 as the ideal motor size. They produce enough power for great acceleration and top-end speed. The T-MOTOR F80 PRO motors installed on Red Bull’s epic “Rocket FPV” drone achieved 217 MPH (349 KM/h) while chasing an F1 racing car.

SkyStars Koko 2207 1950Kv review

Disclosure: I received these 2207 FPV motors in a product review collaboration with SkyStars-RC. Although the motors were offered for free, all opinions in this article remain mine, and the sponsor did not influence me whatsoever.

The motors are packed by pair in a cylindrical plastic case with included mounting screws and nylon lock nuts. The motor is mainly black with a green mounting base. It has 120mm 20AWG wires with pre-tined ends. Each motor weighs about 35 grams, and it has a slight grip milled into the top of the bell to prevent slipping the propeller. To be as light as possible, it adopts a hollow motor shaft. To hold together the stator and the bell, it uses a screw, which is a nice touch over using hard-to-remove C-clips.



As you can guess from the product name, the status has a diameter of 22mm and a height of 7mm. The 1950KV version has a 52mΩ internal resistance and up to 1605W power (with 6s lipo and Gemfan 51433-3 propellers). You will need a 40-60A ESC to drive these motors.

Flight stack forthe 2207 motors

Flight stack forthe 2207 motors

There is not much info regarding the materials and construction of the SkyStars Koko 2207 motor, so I am not sure what kind of bearings or type of magnets they are using. Anyway, the overall build quality feels solid, and there are no weird sounds when they spin by hand. I will come back and update you when I’ve tested them more.

Koko 2207: Technical parameters

KV options1750KV, 1950KV, 2550KV, and 2750KV
Shaft diameter5mm
Stator diameter22mm
Stator height7mm
Mounting pattern⌀16 M3
Weight35.5 grams
Wires3x12cm 20AWG
Max Power980W
Max Current42.30A
Max thrust1605 grams

Test performance with 6S LIPO

PropellerThrottleVoltage (V)Current (A)Thrust (g)RPMPower (W)Efficiency (g/w)
Gemfan 51433-350%497.0023.507.00183011653.02
T-Motor 5143550%447.0023.506.90183511622.76

2207 brushless motors for 5-inch FPV drones

Generally, 2207 motors produce more torque than 2306 motors, meaning more control, which is critical for freestyling pilots. Besides the Skystars Koko 2207 FPV motors, plenty of other good options exist. When choosing motors for 5-inch drones, you must decide whether it will be a 4S or 6S build. 1900-2200KV is a middle way and can be used with two battery options.

iFlight’s Xing2 series has top-quality motors that are very durable and affordable. Other options are T-Motor F40 motors, FlyFishRC FLASH 2207, AOS Supernova, MEPS SZ2207, Amax 2207, and AxisFlying AF227.

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