SoloGood FPV Parts: Are they any good, being so cheap?

SoloGood FPV Parts

SoloGood FPV Parts make it not just as easy as possible for you to build your first FPV but also at a low price. When I built my first quad, I paid just for the flight controller, ESC, and motors more than 300 bucks. Now, the same parts from SoloGood cost only $116.89.

When creating the shopping list for your first FPV drone, one of the biggest questions is choosing 4S or 6S batteries. The FPV parts SoloGood sent me can be used for both power options; the flight stack and the motors are suitable for use with 3 to 6S LIPOs. If you go with 4S, choose their 2550 KV motors for a five-inch drone. Remember that, at the same voltage (battery), a higher KV motor produces more power, which means less flight time.

For racing and freestyling, ESC selection is very important. When you just crouse, the throttle never exceeds 50%, but it often stays at 100% for racing and freestyle, stressing the ESC the most. SoloGood’s ESC can continuously handle 55A or a maximum of 60A, which is more than needed for a 5-inch.

Despite being priced at only $26.99, the SoloGood F722 flight controller has eight motor outputs, making it suitable for octocopters and eight-motor Cinelifter drones.

SoloGood F7 flight stack, 2207 motors, and M10 GPS review

Disclosure: I received these FPV parts for a product review collaboration with SoloGood. Although the products were offered for free, all opinions in this article remain my own, and the sponsor did not influence me.

FPV parts unboxing

FPV parts unboxing

SoloGood boasts more than ten years of expertise in the RC model industry, supported by a dedicated professional technical research and development team and robust domestic and international sales teams. They proudly develop and produce 30% of their products in-house while acting as top-tier agents for 70% of their inventory, representing renowned brands like Radiomaster, Tattu, Gaoneng, Amass, ISDT, Betafpv, iFlight, RUSH, Gemfan, TBS, and others.

SoloGood wants to become a one-stop RC shop for retailers and distributors, offering them a streamlined, high-quality service experience for all their procurement needs.

From their wide range of in-house designed products, they sent me a flight stack, a set of motors, and two GPS modules. We agreed they will also send a frame kit to build a drone using their FPV parts.

  1. SoloGood F722 Stack flight stack with 60A ESC

The two boards (FC and ESC) come in a nice plastic box with included mounting accessories (screws and silicone vibration-damping balls), an XT60 battery cable, FC to ESC cable, and a 35v 1000uF low ESC capacitor. You can see the exact condition of the kit in the photo below.

SoloGood Flight Stack unboxing

SoloGood Flight Stack unboxing

The flight controller is based on the powerful 32-bit STM32F722RET6 MCU and measures 38.5×38.5mm. On the other hand, the ESC is based on a less versatile 8-bit BLHELI_S hardware. Both PCBs have a 30.5*30.5mm mounting pattern and are suitable for 4-7-inch FPV frames. The SoloGood flight controller, together with the ESC, weighs 23 grams.

F722 Flight controller
Two ESC connectors, motor 1-4 and motor 5-8

All the decently sized solder pads, along with the status LEDs, are on the front of the F722 board. In addition to the DJI HD digital VTX, two ESC connectors are on the back. The ESC connectors share the same RX5 UART port, so it is intended to be paired with an 8CH board (not two 4CH). Like similar F7 flight controllers, the SoloGood also has pre-flashed BetaFlight software, ICM42688P gyro sensor, 16MB board black-box memory, six UART ports, and 12v+5V BEC (voltage regulator) for external accessories/sensors.



The SoloGood 60 ESC supports 3 to 6S LIPO batteries and measures 41.5mm X42mm. It has a large motor and battery soldering pads. It has dedicated pads to solder the low ESR capacitor with an included shrink tube to avoid short circuits. It can be wired with the FC through the dedicated connector or solder pins.

flight stack wiring diagram
Wiring diagram and pinout

Flight stack technical parameters

TargetBetaFlight SOLOGOODF722
BAROSupport (DPS310)
BEC10V/2A and 5V/2A
UART PortsSix
ESC-Motor outputsEight
DJI/VistaSupport, 6pin connector
Mounting holes30.5*30.5mm
Weight8.1grams (without cable)
FirmwareBLHELI-S: J-H-30-16.7
ESC/Motor ProtocolSHOT300/600
Continuous current55A
Maximum current60A
Input voltage3-6S
Size41.5mm X42mm
Mounting holes30.5*30.5mm

2. SoloGood 2207 1950KV \ 2550KV motors

Inside the box, it comes with the motor, a propeller lock nut, and four M3 5mm motor screws (according to the frame thickness, you may need longer screws). The SoloGood 2207 motors, weighing just 31 grams, are lighter than all 2207 motors I tested before. The bell is made of two parts, and the top seems die-cut from a steel sheet. Personally, I prefer the uni-bell design; they tend to run smoother. There are some small dots on the top of the bell to prevent slipping the propeller. To be as light as possible, it uses a hollow shaft with a length of 17 mm.

2207 1950KV FPV motors

2207 1950KV FPV motors

As you can guess from the product name, the stator has a diameter of 22mm and a height of 7mm. The 1950KV version has a max thrust of 1810g when it is used with 51466 propellers. According to the test data, efficiency varies between 1.84 and 3.94 gr/w.

2207 1950KV design
Six tiny dots to prevent slipping the propeller.

When I tried to rotate the motors by hand, one was stuck at a certain point; I thought it was a manufacturing problem, but it proved to be just a strand of sand that got in, and after cleaning it, everything was ok.

I forgot to mention that the motors have a 16x16mm mounting pattern and are suitable for 5 and 5.5″ builds.

SoloGood 2207: KV comparison table

Lead150mm 20AWG150mm 20AWG
Weight(incl. cable)31.9g31.9g
Motor Dimensionφ27.5*33mmφ27.5*33mm
Shaft Diameterφ5mmφ5mm
Lipo compatibility3-6S2-4S
Max Power931W633W
Peak current40.1A41.5A
Max thrust1810gr1360gr
Max efficiency3.95 gr/W3.81 gr/W

3. SoloGood M10GPS M10-180C and M10-180 GPS modules

Since the BetaFlight V4.4 provides almost DJI-like fail-safe return to home (RTH), I installed all my FPV drones with a GPS module.

SoloGood’s GPS is based on the ultra-low power and high-performance M10 chip (10th Generation UBLOX). The module has two versions with and without an onboard compass. They look identical in size and design; just the “C” version has two extra pins (I2D and I2C).

M10 GPS modules

M10 GPS modules

The SoloGood M10 G measures 18*18*6mm and weighs almost 5 grams. When you install it, remember that the ceramic antenna needs to face the sky. The module is compatible with all major satellite systems, including GPS< Glopnass, BeiDou, and Galileo. It has a max accuracy of 1.5m, a could start of 26 seconds, and a hot start of 1s.

All M10 GPS modules, including these SoloGood, are plug-and-play compatible with Betaflight firmware. They connect with four wires to the flight controller: power (5V), ground, and UART TX/RX.

SoloGood M10 & M10C GPS: Technical Parameters

Satellite systemGLONASSL10F
Galileo E1B/C
Output protocolNMEA and UBX
Number of concurrent satellites3
Maximum navigation update rate10Hz
Maximum number of navigation satellites32
Position accuracy1.5m CEP
Start-up speedCold start: 26s
Hot start: 1s
Operating voltageDC 3.6-5.5V, typically 5.0V
Weight4.5 grams
Pricing and availability

These FPV parts can be ordered directly from SoloGood’s website. The F7 flight stack with included 60A ESC is priced at $59.99 (there is also an option to purchase the flight controller and the ESC separately if needed), 2207 motors for $56.90/set, and the M10 GPS modules for only $10.99. The parts can be completed with the SoloGood APEX EVO 5′ frame.

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