Taser-maker Axon to acquire Dedrone for undisclosed sum

Dedrone, one of the biggest names in the counterdrone industry, is about to get a lot closer to the company known for inventing the Taser. In May 2024, Axon announced it would acquire Dedrone for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition, slated for completion in the latter half of 2024, marks somewhat of a significant shift for Axon. These days, most people best know Axon for its Tasers and body cameras. Alas, the move underscores how critically the broader public safety landscape is thinking about drone security.

Dedrone has carved a niche for itself as a premier provider of airspace security software. Their products have been touted as a way of safeguarding critical infrastructure, government facilities, and major events worldwide from drones that aren’t supposed to be there. From securing the skies over the FIFA World Cup to protecting correctional facilities, Dedrone’s technology detects, identifies, and mitigates unauthorized drone threats.

What does this acquisition mean for Dedrone?

Affiliating with such a big name like Axon could definitely bolster Dedrone’s global reach. Axon boasts a well-established network across the public safety sector, and this expanded access could open doors for Dedrone’s technology in new markets.

Rick Smith, Axon Founder and CEO, said that the company plans to leverage Dedrone’s expertise to create a more “advanced end-to-end drone solution that enables the good drones to fly and helps ensure the bad ones don’t.”

Axon put out a promotional video upon the news being made public. The video shows what the two companies have in common. And, it sheds light on other ways they could work together after the deal to acquire Dedrone goes through:

[embedded content]

That potentially positions Axon as a one-stop shop for both drone deployment and airspace security for public safety agencies. After all, agencies like police departments already patronize Axon for other security products. That includes TASER energy devices, body-worn cameras and in-car cameras.

With Dedrone now a part of Axon, that could lead to a more streamlined integration of drone technology into police and emergency response protocols, with Dedrone’s security solutions playing a crucial role in responsible drone use.

Axon is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. It also has offices in Seattle and Boston, as well as other cities worldwide including London, Amsterdam and Sydney. Dedrone is primarily based in Sterling, Virginia, which is located on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. It also has offices worldwide, including in Germany and Qatar.

Axon’s headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizone. (Photo courtesy of Axon)

What does this acquisition mean for the counterdrone industry?

While the financial terms of the deal for Axon to acquire Dedrone remain undisclosed, the combined force of Axon’s resources and Dedrone’s airspace security solutions suggests future growth for the drone security and counterdrone industries. Expect to see accelerated innovation in counter-UAS technology, with a focus on creating a more sophisticated airspace management ecosystem.

“Dedrone’s growing impact across industries such as federal governments, utilities and critical infrastructure, event venues, airports, correctional facilities and other enterprises, coupled with Axon’s powerful ecosystem of connected devices and software, will put us at the forefront of ensuring not only the safety of our communities but also the security of nations around the world,” Dedrone Chief Executive Officer Aaditya Devarakonda said in a prepared statement.

In general, it’s been a good year for Dedrone. Dedrone clocked 300% revenue growth year-over-year between February 2024 versus February 2023. During that period, it closed 16 new government contracts.

Notably, Dedrone is working with the Federal Aviation Administration on a test project across a few U.S. airports. With that, the FAA will use Dedrone’s products to research general airport counterdrone operations. 

More recently, Dedrone earned the title of first drone-related company to earn SAFETY Act status from the Department of Homeland Security. It also won a spot on The Time Best Inventions of 2023 list.

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