Teledyne FLIR Releases Firmware 1.3 for Secure SIRAS Drones

Enhancements Include Real-Time MSX Functionality and Improved Altitude Accuracy

Teledyne FLIR has announced the release of firmware version 1.3 for their SIRAS drone system, introducing a range of enhancements designed to improve performance and user experience. The update is available for download and includes improvements to image quality, signal reliability, altitude accuracy, and flight data management.

The SIRAS drone platform is recognized for its secure design, aimed at protecting user systems and data. The SIRAS system offers a reliable alternative for drone pilots looking to diversify their fleets amid increasing regulations limiting the use of drones made in China.

SIRAS Firmware Update, SIRAS UpdateSIRAS Firmware Update, SIRAS Update

Key Features of Firmware 1.3

  1. Realtime MSX® Functionality: One of the significant additions in firmware 1.3 is the real-time MSX function. This feature overlays edges from the visible image stream onto the thermal image, providing enhanced detail. The MSX functionality works in both still picture mode and streaming video, offering critical, time-saving information during operations. Teledyne FLIR plans to add a zoom function to the MSX streaming video in about a month.SIRAS updateSIRAS update
  2. Fully Automatic Radio: This update includes improvements to signal quality, especially in areas prone to radio interference. The new functionality may extend the radio range and allows for the collocation of multiple ground control radios, enhancing operational flexibility.
  3. Altitude Accuracy and Maximum Altitude: Firmware 1.3 enhances altitude accuracy and hold, ensuring more precise measurements. Additionally, it enables flights up to 1,000 meters above ground level (AGL), expanding the operational ceiling for SIRAS drones.
  4. User-Readable Logging: The update simplifies access to flight log data and includes compatibility with AirData™ UAV and DroneLogbook™ flight management software, making it easier for users to manage and analyze flight data.
  5. Return to Home (RTH) and Obstacle Avoidance: Users can now turn off obstacle avoidance during the Return to Home (RTH) function to increase airframe speed, offering more control and efficiency in various operational scenarios.

Upcoming Features in Firmware 1.4

Looking ahead, Teledyne FLIR has announced that firmware version 1.4 will be released this fall. This update is expected to include advanced mission planning, Pix4D compatibility, and photoprogrammetry functions, further expanding the capabilities of the SIRAS drone system.

The latest user manual and battery safety guide have been updated to reflect the new features and functionalities of firmware 1.3. Users are encouraged to review these documents for detailed instructions on performing the firmware update, unlocking the “flight above 400-feet” feature, and managing battery safety, especially during the summer heat.

Teledyne FLIR continues to enhance the performance of the SIRAS system with regular firmware updates, providing the platform with more of the high quality sensors and features that have made the company a major player in the drone ecosystem.

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