Tesseract Ventures Announces Revolutionary SWARM Drone Technology for Special Operations Forces


Tesseract Ventures is excited to announce that it has been awarded an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) from the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). This contract will fund the development of the company’s next-generation drone, the SWARM (Special Warfighter Assistive Robotic Machine).

The SWARM drone technology is set to revolutionize USSOCOM and SOF operations by offering a new, much-needed capability: a highly versatile nano drone equipped with smart payload and interoperability across multiple systems. This pioneering technology can potentially give Special Operations Command warfighters an edge in surveillance, and tactical response operations.

The SWARM system includes a Nano First Person View (FPV) Drone, a Smart Payload System, and Smart Payloads. Equipped with a multi-function camera system with high-res, night, and thermal capabilities, SWARM’s super-compact drone is designed for rapid deployment in any situation.

Working solo or in groups, it can perform critical tasks such as landing or dropping payloads that can work to protect troops from threats such as enemy combatants, gas, radiation, and more. Designed for adaptability, the payload system can be equipped with explosive charges for precise strikes against enemy assets and infrastructure.

“With the SWARM, Tesseract Ventures is not just introducing a new product; we are ushering in a new era in military technology,” states John Boucard, CEO, at Tesseract Ventures. “This technology is a game-changer for SOF personnel, enabling technological advantages previously unavailable on a single platform. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the SWARM, offering enhanced capabilities and strategic benefits to our Special Operations Forces.”

About Tesseract Ventures

Tesseract Ventures was founded in 2018 by John Boucard, a veteran inventor, engineer, and technologist to recruit the smartest minds in robotics, defense, and critical infrastructure. The company enables businesses to defy the boundaries of space and time through next-generation technologies. Robots, smart spaces, wearables, and radically connected platforms are just some of the tools Tesseract created to make American industries smarter, better connected, and more efficient. The company is based in Overland Park, KS with its defense studio in Tampa, FL. 

For more information, visit www.tesseractventures.io.

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