The Day of Jackal: Ushering in a New Era of Defence Aviation


In the realm of defence innovation, the United Kingdom has a storied history of producing pioneering technologies and visionary leaders. This legacy has continually emphasised the importance of rapid capabilities and unmanned defence systems to maintain a strong national defence and protect democratic values. As an accomplished innovator with a myriad of achievements, I have had the privilege of contributing to this legacy and today I am actively working on the mission of defence. My current focus revolves around fostering the adoption of rapid capabilities and advanced autonomy across all levels of defence, ensuring that the UK and its Western allies, along with democratic nations in the Asia-Pacific region, are equipped with the latest technologies to deter any potential aggressor effectively. The one thing that binds us all in this fraternity is that we are focussed on ensuring on getting capability to where it matters. The bond of the innovators in this industry is one of a brotherhood. Both Jon Parker and James Earl and their amazing colleagues are key people mentioned in this short write up are people like me, dedicated to ensuring that our service personnel and our amazing coalition forces are equipped with the best that technological innovation can offer. The collaboration and time that we all share as innovators to help, and sanity check ideas is something that I have never experienced in business. We understand that the stakes are high and that our adversaries are not taking a day off, neither are we !

The Jackal

The story of the Jackal serves as a testament to innovation’s power and the determination and drive of a great team. GEOSAT Aerospace Technology’s recent penned deal for the acquisition of 160 units of the Jackal drone, marks a significant turning point. These drones offer a solution that bridges the gap between reconnaissance and strike missions while prioritising the safety of human pilots.

The Jackal’s remarkable journey started in Turkey, but it took a transformative leap forward when UK-based company Flyby Technology secured its intellectual property rights, driven by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence’s discerning interest.

Under Flyby’s stewardship, the Jackal transformed into an awe-inspiring strike-capable UAV. In October 2022, the Jackal successfully test-fired a Thales Lightweight Multi-Role Missile, unequivocally establishing its offensive capabilities. This achievement was a watershed moment, igniting a series of trials funded by the Royal Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office.

The Jackal’s distinctive feature, its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) design, grants it operational flexibility. This attribute endows the Jackal with the capability to operate from concealed locations near high-value targets, transcending the constraints of conventional runways.

The Jackal epitomises the convergence of advanced technology and precise engineering. It is equipped with four sets of twin contra-rotating propellers, facilitating VTOL capabilities, while six wing-mounted electric ducted fan (EDF) engines delivers agility and the thrust required for forward movement.

However, the true value of the Jackal lies in its remote flight capabilities. With the integration of edge software and sensor technology, this aircraft could autonomously navigate complex environments. This extraordinary feature could elevate the Jackal to an invaluable tool for military reconnaissance and surveillance, enhancing situational awareness and threat assessment.

Innovative Kamikaze Drones: Transforming Aviation Defence in the UK

Enter One Way Aerospace UK, a British company founded just eight months ago by a visionary team that includes veterans from the British and Australian militaries and relationships with those who have proven delivery capability.  This company has rapidly emerged as a no-nonsense force to be reckoned with, poised to revolutionise the utilisation of unmanned systems in defence.

One Way Aerospace’s flagship products, the AQ-400 and AQV-150 Scalpel Heavy kamikaze drones, represent a seismic shift in defence strategy. These drones emphasise a philosophy of quantity-over-complexity in modern warfare.

By design, they are intended for one-time use, thereby significantly reducing costs, and amplifying the volume of deployable assets.

One Way Aerospace’s commitment to supporting local industries is commendable. While certain components are sourced from Western countries, the company places a strong emphasis on localized production. This includes ambitious plans to establish a large-scale production facility in Ukraine, which will expedite the assembly of their AQ-400 Scythe platform. This platform is designed for mass production at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional munitions.

The Future of Kamikaze Drones

The AQ-400 Scythe holds the promise of becoming an affordable cruise missile with an astonishing range of up to 1000 kilometres. When combined with the AQV-150, these drones have the potential to create a formidable disposable multi-strike system, capable of targeting multiple sites in a single launch. Such innovation promises to redefine the tactics and strategies employed in future conflicts.

One Way Aerospace recently demonstrated the practical applications of kamikaze drones with their AQV-Scalpel targeting Russian military assets in Ukraine. While these drones may be easier targets due to their lower speed and finite flight time, the concept of quantity over complexity unequivocally proves its worth when addressing specific challenges, as exemplified by the Ukrainian situation. These drones offer a means to strike at the heart of military threats while minimising risk to allied personnel.

A Catalyst for Peace through Innovation

One Way Aerospace’s mission, encapsulated in their motto “creating technology to bring peace,” aligns seamlessly with the evolving nature of modern warfare. Their focus on innovative, cost-effective, and disposable systems empowers nations to maintain superior capabilities while reducing the risk to their personnel.

As One Way Aerospace continues to expand its operations and production capacity, it stands as a living testament to British innovation in aviation defence. Their pioneering approach to kamikaze drones is emblematic of the agility, adaptability, and visionary thinking that defines modern defence strategies. In a world where peace and security are paramount, One-Way Aerospace offers hope for a safer and more secure future.

Final Thoughts

The United Kingdom remains a steadfast leader in innovation. The Jackal and One Way Aerospace’s drones are not just examples of cutting-edge technology; they are manifestations of the unwavering spirit of innovation and adaptability.

The Jackal exemplifies the evolution of unmanned aerial vehicles, boasting cost effective RPAS capabilities, versatility, and precision. Meanwhile, One Way Aerospace introduces a new paradigm in warfare, one that champions affordability, scalability, and precision strikes to maintain a strategic edge.

 Governments within the NATO and those that stand for democracy are starting to acknowledge the pivotal role of British innovation in defence. These advancements pave the way for a safer and more secure world, where nations can deter aggression effectively while minimizing risks to their personnel. The synergy of ground-breaking technology, visionary leadership, and adaptability stands as a beacon of hope for a more peaceful world, where innovative solutions drive us toward lasting security and prosperity.


With over 25 years of experience, I have merged special operations with high-value commercial technology. In leadership roles across public and private sectors, I have navigated key milestones from early Wi-Fi adoption to spearheading laser communications programs and rescue and restructure of failing companies. My journey stands out through deep technical aviation and autonomy expertise, demystifying complex narratives with humility. Moreover, I have harnessed AI and machine learning, sharing my experiences as an early adopter.

Bridging defence and commercial realms, I underscore innovation’s impact on security and progress. Amidst challenges, unwavering action and teamwork are essential.

From state security to driving commercial innovation, I operate on universal principles. Collaborating with capable teams, I have rescued investments and orchestrated solutions for significant returns.

Looking ahead, my dedication focuses on driving defence and humanitarian innovation, nurturing collaboration and advancing progress. Over the next quarter-century, my mission is to reshape defence outcomes and more by nurturing a future rooted in humility, innovation, teamwork, impactful change, and unwavering action, including dismantling barriers that hinder innovation.

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