Verge Aero Launches Composer: Now Anyone Can Create a Stunning Drone Show

Verge Aero Composer drone show software

Courtesy of Verge Aero

Verge Aero, a leading provider of drone show technology solutions, has launched a new software tool, Verge Aero Composer. This innovative design software aims to make the drone show industry more accessible by allowing individuals to create their own drone shows without any technical experience.

The software, unveiled on December 4, 2023, in Las Vegas, features a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that enables users to design captivating drone shows in seconds. “Verge Aero Composer is a total game changer in the drone show industry. Now small towns and communities, existing businesses, and beginners that have expressed interest in drone show performances can make their dreams a reality,” said Nils Thorjussen, CEO of Verge Aero.

Verge Aero Composer is designed with a focus on ease and speed of use. It includes a library of designs or show elements that users can drag onto a timeline to assemble a full show. The software also integrates seamlessly with the Verge Aero Drone Show suite of products, including the Design Studio, catering to those seeking more intricate and detailed creations. Additionally, Composer allows users to easily add logos and text to their performances.

This launch follows closely on the heels of Verge Aero’s introduction of its X7 drone, which enhanced Verge Aero’s existing system and further lowered barriers to entry into drone entertainment. With Verge Aero Composer, operators can now reduce drone show design time from hours to mere seconds.

Verge Aero Composer was introduced at the LDI Conference in Las Vegas and will be available for subscribers in February 2024. For more information on Verge Aero Composer and Verge Aero’s comprehensive drone show solution, please visit the company’s website.

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