Verge Aero™ Launches New X7™ Drone Combining Cutting-Edge Hardware and Software Advancements for User-Friendly, All-in-One Drone Show System

verge aero x7 light show drone

Verge Aero, the leading drone show technology solution, today unveiled its new Verge Aero X7 drone, bringing technological advancements into Verge Aero’s all-in-one drone show product suite to further democratize entry to the aerial entertainment industry. With fully-integrated, user-friendly software for drone show design and management, as well as the most competitive prices on the market, the Verge Aero X7 aims to further lower barriers to entry into drone entertainment, making it even easier for individuals and organizations to produce drone shows of all sizes and complexity for any occasion. The Verge Aero X7 is now available for order, with offerings that include an entry-level package deal for new customers.

“Verge Aero’s mission is to make drone shows ubiquitous. With our user-friendly show design and management software, Verge Aero drones give operators a complete end-to-end solution at a price point that can enable mass adoption of this exciting, new technology,” said Nils Thorjussen, CEO of Verge Aero. “The Verge Aero X7 represents the latest technological breakthroughs to help meet the booming demand for drone shows, with a product that removes the many barriers associated with entering the industry. We’re excited for the Verge Aero X7 to further democratize the drone show industry.”

Announced at the UP.Summit, a gathering of the world’s most innovative minds rethinking transportation, the Verge Aero X7 is designed for compact storage and shipping, and features new, industry-leading technologies to deliver long-lasting performance. The X7 offers a new battery system that offers rapid charging and longer battery life, as well as more precise GPS capabilities, bolstered wind and rain resistance, and user-friendly enhancements to the integrated control software.

The Verge Aero X7 can seamlessly integrate with any of the company’s flagship X1 drone fleets, and builds upon the capabilities of the X1 model to provide a richer show experience.

Through the X7’s technical advancements, Verge Aero is able to streamline operations and workflows with its hardware and software to create an industry-leading experience.This single unified and simplified system greatly reduces the labor costs and pre-existing technical knowledge requirements associated with other drone show operations.

The X7’s cutting-edge drone hardware is powered by Verge Aero’s software built specifically for drone shows, including:

●       Verge Aero Design Studio, the industry’s most advanced design software;

●       Verge Aero Flight Control Hub, the control center for the flight planning for a user’s fleet;

●       Verge Aero’s Skystream app, which delivers branding opportunities for operators and enhances audience engagement by delivering high-quality, synchronized audio to spectators’ devices.

All Verge Aero customers also gain access to a digital content library, potential partnership opportunities, and dedicated support and training to help anyone, no matter their experience level, get their drone show business off the ground.

As part of the X7 launch, the Verge Aero team is offering a starter package for first-time customers looking to start their own drone show venture. The starter set includes fifty drones, with full access to the suite of software products and training opportunities to optimize an operator’s timeline to create their drone shows. This package will be offered to customers at a reduced price, matching Verge Aero’s mission to democratize the drone entertainment technology industry. For more on the Verge Aero comprehensive drone show solution, the X7, and detailed information, please visit

About Verge Aero

Founded in 2016 by a dedicated start-up team, Verge Aero has established itself as the leader in drone show technology. With numerous, global successes the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and focused on bringing drone shows to the world. With our purpose-built drone show technology solutions, we’ve transformed the way audiences experience drone shows and empowered drone show operators around the globe. Learn more at

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