Walksnail Avatar range hack and FCC unlock

walksnail range hack

Our Goggles X review shows that the Walksnail system comes out of the box in CE mode and low-power TX mode. If you are a newcomer to FPV, this tutorial will explain how to unleash your Avatar HD’s full potential.

This hack enables 1000mW and 1200mW Output Power on your Walksnail VTX and unlocks all eight FCC channels. Although these settings are officially available on the manufacturer’s website, before proceeding, please make sure you understand your local RF regulations regarding transmission power and frequency and are not breaking the law. In many countries, 25mW is the maximum unlicensed TX power you can transmit.

Once you have done this once, you don’t need to do it again for any Avatar HD VTXs (Moonlight, Pro, V2, and others), your Walksnail Goggles will remember these settings.

Unlock FCC mode on Walksnail Avatar HD

I received my CaddxFPV GoFilm20, equipped with Walksnail Moonlight, in CE mode, meaning it had only four available channels (1-3 and 8). When you switch to FCC mode, you will see eight channels.

First, you need to download the FCC Unlock Procedure from CaddxFPV’s website (from here). The zip archive includes two text files and a step-by-step tutorial. Next, copy the “avatar_std.txt” onto a micro SD card and insert it into the FPV Goggles. When you restart the headset you should be able to use all eight frequencies.

Enable High-Power (1000mW and 1200mW) on Walknsial Avatar HD VTXs

By default, transmission power on Walksnail VTXs is limited to 700mW. Enabling the high-power mode procedure is basically the same as the unlocking FCC mode. You just need to copy the “Avatar_pwr.txt” file onto the headset’s micro SD card. After reboot, you will be able to set 1000mW and 1200mW broadcast power.

Remember that operating on higher transmission power will generate more heat, which may lead to early device failure.

What other things can you do to improve the Walksnail systems’ range?

The stock antennas (VTX and Goggles) provide decent results, but upgrading the antennas is a must-have if you want to fly as far as possible. The Walksnail Avatar Goggles X has four Omni antennas, but if you have the budget, it’s recommended that you use a combination of Omni and patch antennas. The Walksnail Patch Antenna V2 allows you to get better penetration and range in front of you, and the two omni antennas provide decent signal reception all around you. For ultra-long FPV flights, you will need high-gain directional antennas.

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