Woot-Tech – Juggernaut Multirotor Munition Drone

Woot-Tech – Juggernaut Multirotor Munition Drone

JuggerNaut is an octa-copter drone with a MTOW of 50kg and meticulously designed for battle-fields and air combats

This precision bombing drone can carry upto 6-mortars, which can be controlled directly by the operator or function autonomously.

JuggerNaut can cruise at a speed of 55 km/hr, offers an endurance of upto 45 min and can fly upto 1500 meters high.

The journey at Woot Tech has been an exhilarating exploration of cutting-edge UAV technology. As a leading drone company, we have navigated the skies of innovation to offer advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that redefine possibilities across diverse sectors. From enhancing security measures to conducting precise inspections, facilitating cargo transport, mapping uncharted territories, enabling seamless communication, to revolutionizing agriculture practices, our team has relentlessly worked towards propelling Woot Tech to the forefront of the drone industry.

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