AAM Prepared: Pioneering the Future of Air Transportation

unnamed 86unnamed 86AUVSI and Industry Leaders Launch Unprecedented Campaign to Propel Advanced Air Mobility

The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) has announced the launch of “AAM Prepared,” a multi-state initiative supported by Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry leaders and manufacturers. This campaign is the largest-ever coordinated government affairs campaign in the AAM industry, with allies including Archer Aviation, BETA Technologies, The Boeing Company, BRINC Drones, Cherokee Nation Technologies, Eve Air Mobility, Ferrovial, Joby Aviation, Lilium, Overair, Reliable Robotics, Skyports, Vertical Aerospace, Volocopter, Wing Aviation, and Wisk Aero.

The campaign aims to help states and localities prepare for the future of advanced air transportation. During the 2024 state legislative sessions, AAM Prepared allies will educate state, tribal, and local lawmakers on the benefits of electric powered-lift aircraft, advancements in aviation technology, and the steps AAM Prepared allies are taking to ensure safe integration.

AUVSI will support policy proposals in states nationwide to achieve AAM preparedness. These proposals direct state departments of transportation to develop or update transportation plans to include vertiports, electric aviation charging, and AAM infrastructure needs. They also call for the designation of a subject matter expert for AAM as a resource for local and regional jurisdictions, and provide jurisdictions with resources to support statewide uniform planning and zoning language.

Michael Smitsky, Vice President of Government Affairs at AUVSI, said: “As AAM technologies have advanced in recent years, we’ve seen a corresponding increase of interest among state lawmakers and transportation agencies in how this form of transportation will impact their communities. Several AAM aircraft manufacturers are aiming to go to market in the U.S. in the next two years, and this coalition is ready to shape the critical discussions in states in the months and years ahead.”

Boeing funds Wisk, AUVSI AAM PreparedBoeing funds Wisk, AUVSI AAM Prepared

Wisk Aero

According to AUVSI’s legislative tracking, the rate at which state legislatures have established study committees to assess the needs and feasibility of bringing AAM business to their areas has increased rapidly during this decade. In 2020, just one state study committee report was published; in 2021, two states published reports; that number rose to six in 2022 and five in 2023. Two additional states have study committees with work underway and are expected to publish reports by the close of 2023, and four more are expected in 2024 and 2025.

David Rottblatt, Vice President of Sales and Government Relations at Eve Air Mobility, said: “We are excited that state governments will have industry supported guidance as they consider meaningful ways to support Advanced Air Mobility in their state. We are proud to have worked alongside AUVSI and other industry companies to develop ‘AAM Prepared’ – a critical first step in building out state legislative policies that will provide an initial framework for state DOTs across the country as they begin preparing for safe, commercial eVTOL operations in the coming years.”

In analyzing all the reports to date, AUVSI has identified five key recommendations that are consistently mentioned. These include the need for state investments in AAM operationalization, the development of a skilled workforce, the appointment of state AAM coordinators, outreach to local communities, and the proactive construction of infrastructure. These common themes highlight the strategic steps that states can take to fully embrace the potential of Advanced Air Mobility.

States have already identified significant benefits that AAM will bring to their regions. A 2023 Study Committee report commissioned by the Commonwealth of Virginia forecasts that the AAM industry in the state will generate $16 billion in new business activity and related stimulus by 2045; produce $2.8 billion in local, state, and federal tax revenues; and create over 17,000 new full-time jobs.

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