Anzu Robotics Raptor T – Mavic 3 clone?

Anzu Robotics Raptor T – Mavic 3 clone?

Well hat tips to Konrad Iturbe and Kevin Finnisterre they seem to have uncovered another rebadged DJI drone being sold out of a different outlet.

I am beginning to think this is to actually avoid the Chinese Government export ban, other manufacturers are struggling with it, maybe it’s spreading. Or perhaps DJI HQ does not like the look of all the equipment going to Russia.

A handy green colour for this Mavic 3E/3T

This one is very interesting as Anzu Robotics comes with an American Address

Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, DE 19801 United States In Delaware, IYKYK

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Anzu robotics privacy

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