Axion (Model AB8)

Axion Model AB8

Introducing the Axion (Model AB8) – a Multi-Purpose Aerial Vehicle based on the flight-proven JetQuad (Model AB6). The Axion has 4-times the power output of the JetQuad and sports eight micro jet-engines for a maximum of 3600N thrust at lift off.

The key differences between the Axion platform and other VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) vehicles:

1. Entirely enclosed jet-engines provide increased levels of weather resiliency and ruggedness. There are no externally moving parts.

2. Innovative thrust deflection allows engine start-up and idle operation on simple concrete surfaces, with no damage impact during take-off. Persons can also easily access the vehicle from the sides during idle operation and full throttle.

3. The platform can be refitted in a matter of hours to match the desired application such as F1-Style Aerial Racer, Medevac (“Air-Stretcher”) or Vertical Cargo Lifter.

4. Quick and easy Diesel refill at your local gas-station.

For more information and specification sheet, head on over to the official site:

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