BetaFPV Nano TX V2: First 2W ELRS with T-LED antenna

BetaFPV Nano TX V2

BetaFPV’s second-generation Nano TX module comes with significant upgrades from its predecessor, making the ELRS radio link even more stable over long ranges. The unit comes with ExpressLRS V3.3 firmware.

The BetaFPV Nano TX V2 was announced with three frequency options. The 2.4GHz edition has a maximum output power of 1W, and the 915/868MHz with a max output power of 2W. The max packet rate for all versions is F1000/200Hz. It utilizes an integrated TCXO (Temperature-compensated crystal oscillator) to minimize frequency deviation for stable performance, eliminating signal interference with other devices such as the VTX.

Due to the higher transmission power, the V2 NANO TX has a built-in high-speed 1804 cooling fan and requires an external power source (7-13V) to operate on top power. The unit features a fully injection-molded shell with excellent texture and weighs just 28 grams.

The Nano TX V2 features the first ever “T-LED” antenna with built-in LED display functionality, allowing pilots to monitor the signal transmission and reception while using the radio controller (midflight). The flickering speed varies based on the telemetry ratio and packet rate, offering pilots a unique visual experience. The 2.4G uses RP-SMA and the 915/868MHz antenna connector. The unit can be equipped with standard antennas (non-LED) as well.

The V2 TX module includes an additional ESP8285 chip, which allows wireless communication with other ESP8285-enabled devices using a protocol called espnow. When ELRS Backpack is installed and configured, you can change your VRX’s channel/band from your radio controller. The unit has two buttons for pilots to customize their functions, empowering them to set buttons according to personal usage habits.

Nano TX V2: Radio compatibility

The BetaFPV Nano TX V2 module can be installed in any EdgeTX V2.8.0 or OpenTX radio transmitters with a NANO port supporting CRSF. According to the manufacturer, it can be used with the following radio controllers: LiteRadio 3 Pro, Radiomaster Zorro/Pocket, Jumper T Pro V2/T20, TBS Tango 2, and others. When used with a Micro-Nano Module adapter, it can be installed also on Radiomaster TX16, Boxer, Jumper T16/T20, and Frsky QX7/X9.

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