Beyond Sight, Not Limits: The Future of Drone Flight is Here

arrow tower holland

Altitude Angel has successfully deployed our first ARROW tower in The Netherlands.

This marks the inauguration of our first fully remote-managed and self-sufficient ARROW mast integrated into our network. It plays a pivotal role in our early-stage ARROW NL Superhighway initiative.

So, what exactly does this technology do? Its primary function is to capture high-resolution imagery of the low-altitude sky within a 360-degree radius extending up to 10 kilometres.

Equipped with advanced capabilities including EC and non-EC aircraft detection, drone identification and environmental sensors, it serves as a critical relay station. The data collected by our towers is transmitted to our GuardianUTM platform which facilitates the ‘Separation-as-a-Service’ offering.

This groundbreaking technology enables the new era, democratising access to our skies in regions with coverage. Soon, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be able to operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) over extensive distances without the need for human spotters in the loop.

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