BLUETTI AC70: 1000W Battery Backup for Power Outages

One of my friends recently moved to a village with electricity problems. As gas boilers, pellet stoves, and heating water recirculation pumps don’t like power outages, he asked me to recommend a battery backup solution, knowing that lately, I have reviewed a couple of power stations. Starting from its budget (willing to spend around $600) and its needs, I came across this BLUETTI AC70. It has UPS mode and pure sine AC output to provide an uninterrupted power supply for appliances is concerned for.

With a 768Wh storage capacity and 1000W output power (2000W in lifting mode), the BLUETTI AC70 can power your home’s critical appliances/devices during a blackout. The 500W solar input is also a great feature that extends the run time during sunny days. Furthermore, the AC70 can be stacked with B80, B230, or B300 external battery banks to achieve close to 4KWh backup power. It features three charging modes: Silent 272W, Standard 442W, and Turbo 935W.

The Bluetti AC70 uses high-quality LFP batteries that support over 3000 charge cycles (about a 10-year lifespan) and weigh just over 10kg (22.5 lbs). It measures 314 x 210 x 256mm (12.4 x 8.2 x 10.1) and can be comfortably carried with one hand. By comparison, its bigger brother, The Bluetti AC180, weighs around 17kg and has a size of 340x247x317mm.

On the front panel, in addition to the AC outlets, USB ports, and control buttons, there is a status LCD that shows total charging and output power in Watts and the remaining battery capacity graphically and as a percentage. The AC70 can also be controlled and monitored remotely via Bluetooth connectivity using the Bluetti APP.

Bluetti AC70’s key features

  • [More Powerful, Make it Possible] BLUETTI AC70 features 1,000W continuous power and multiple outlets to connect various appliances simultaneously. If you enable the Power Lifting Mode in the BLUETTI App, you can power your energy-intensive devices, such as hairdryers, electric kettles, electric blankets, heaters, etc., with ease. Power Lifting Mode allows AC70 to handle high-power resistive loads up to 2KW.
  • [Super Fast Charging, 0-80% in Just 45 Mins] Get it charged with up to 950W of Turbo Charging; your power is ready before you hit the road. The AC70 automatically stops charging to prevent overcharging. You can even set it with the cigarette lighter port in your vehicle, ensuring sufficient power on the go.
  • [Power without Limits, Travel without Worries] The AC70 allows up to 500W solar input, efficiently topping it up in just 2 hours —no need to worry about the battery dying out as long as the sun shines.
  • [Expandable storage capacity] AC70 perfectly pairs with B80 (806Wh), B230 (2,048Wh), or B300 (3,072Wh) expansion batteries, providing constant power supply for your growing needs.
  • [Astonishing Safety and Reliability] Nicely built-in with the safest LiFePO₄, AC70 can remain at 80% capacity even after 3,000+ charge cycles. It also has an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) to prevent potential damage and a 5-year warranty to help you power with peace of mind.
  • [UPS mode] It takes over the energy supply in just 20 milliseconds, so even more sensitive devices will be provided with the electricity they need for their operation.

BLUETTI AC70: Pricing, Availability, Options, and Alternatives

Directly from Bluetti, the AC70 is currently on Winter Sale for just $549 ($599) or 599€ in Europe. Like other Bluetti power stations, there are also three solar panel combo kits (120W, 200W, and 350W). The AC70 with PV200 panel is available for $999. If you need a higher storage capacity (longer backup time), the newest AC200L with 2,048Wh is an excellent choice for $1699. Most Bluetti home battery backup solutions can also be ordered from their official Amazon store.

For more thoughts about the AC70 solar generator and a comparison with the older EB70S, check CheapRVliving‘s video.

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