Control airport safety with AtlasNEST


AtlasNEST is a tool for airport area security monitoring. Control the safety of aircraft arrivals and departures, as well as the runway.

Dispatcher: Flight, do you require runway lighting for landing?
Pilot: We can do without it‍
Dispatcher: That’s good because we don’t have it…
*One of humorous dialogue between a passenger airplane pilot and a dispatcher

The airport security system is usually structured clearly and coherently; however, the capabilities of human control can be limited by the length of the runway, frequent lack of communication with the board, poor visibility in difficult weather conditions, inaccessibility of the runway due to icing of certain areas, third parties entering into the airport territory which can lead to a lack of timely response to unforeseen life-threatening situations. The UAV is able to identify problem areas in advance to quickly speed up the cleaning or decision-making process and provide the security service with fast and relevant data.

AtlasNEST will help go beyond these limits and will become as essential a tool for airport safety personnel as a smartphone is for a business person.

How it works

An ATLAS engineer explains:

“The ATLAS team wondered, what if an aeroplane has some difficulties landing? How can a tragedy be avoided? Visibility is limited and nobody has an accurate understanding of the situation. We need an eye that will promptly provide a picture from different angles so that an emergency team can determine a clear plan of action without wasting a minute. The UAV is able to identify problem areas to speed up the cleaning process and provide the security service with fast and relevant data‍”.

AtlasNEST is the solution. The docking station for drones can be integrated into the infrastructure and general airport monitoring system. Upon request from the unified command centre, the system is deployed, and the drone flies out on a mission, finishes it, and returns home to the docking station on its own.

ATLAS CEO Ivan Tolchinsky says:

“AtlasNEST doesn’t replace the airport safety system; it perfectly complements it. The device is easily integrated into the overall system and helps the control centre to get operative, high-quality data from inspected area, by providing accurate geoinformation and awareness of the situation. AtlasNEST
helps to avoid possible accidents and tragedies through a balanced algorithm of team actions‍”.

Key features of AtlasNEST

AtlasNEST docking station is operated fully remotely and independently. Just send a request from the command center from anywhere in the world to start controlling the device; no matter how far are you from AtlasNEST, 5 km or 5000 km, the system is accessible just by clicking on the mouse. 

In addition, the device ensures continuous operability of the AtlasPRO drone by changing its batteries automatically. Just three minutes from landing to take off takes AtlasNEST contains four batteries: one in the UAV and three spare batteries in the docking station. When one battery runs out, the drone returns to
replace its battery fully automatically. All of this is possible thanks to a special mechanism created by

ATLAS engineers.

‍An ATLAS engineer says:
‍”People see NEST, and for them, it is a future. The drone flies somewhere, lands on a small platform, and has its batteries replaced. It flies on‍”.

Benefits of AtlasNEST in the airport system

By easily integrating AtlasNEST into the airport security system, you will get:

  • Reduce reaction time on decision-making
  • Quick remote inspection on demand
  • Fully autonomous operations
  • Quick ID of AI-powered anomalies
  • Full security awareness
  • Embedded climate control as sure optimal operation conditions
  • Thermal and visual inspection 
  • Continuous monitoring of the security perimeter  Situation fixation, and data storage.
    AtlasNEST is a scalable system. The number of devices that need to be deployed at an airport depends on the coverage area. All AtlasNESTs can communicate with each other and work in the same network.
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