Could This Drone Battery Technology Double Flight Times?

Avy drone battery technologyNew Battery Technology Enables Avy Drones to Double Flight Duration

Avy, the Amsterdam-based electric aircraft manufacturer, has announced a significant enhancement in its drone capabilities through a collaboration with Tulip, a provider of aviation battery technology. This partnership has resulted in a new battery that allows Avy’s drones to fly almost twice as long as before.

The latest innovation, described as a “smart battery,” has been integrated into Avy’s current aircraft lineup, notably increasing flight times by 80% to 100%, now achieving durations of 1.5 to 2 hours. This enhancement is poised to significantly bolster the support Avy drones provide to emergency services, allowing them to reach more locations and stay on-site longer.

“Electric aircraft manufacturer Avy has integrated the latest smart battery of Tulip, a manufacturer of aviation battery technology,” states the press release. With the new high-performance battery, “Avy is able to fly almost two times longer and further than before,” it adds.

Avy’s drones are widely utilized by the Dutch Police, Fire Department, and various EU medical logistics providers. The improved performance stems from the new battery’s advanced management system and its longevity, which includes an enhanced sustainability footprint.

The press release details that the newly integrated battery features next-generation cell technology and an advanced battery management system (BMS). “The new battery boasts an impressive 35 Ah capacity,” and utilizes quasi-solid state cell architecture, which enhances safety and increases the battery’s life expectancy to up to 1000 cycles.

Furthermore, Avy’s collaboration with Tulip has leveraged the latter’s expertise in high-density, aviation-grade battery production. Tulip, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, emphasizes its commitment to high performance and reliability, having forged partnerships with leading global manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Amprius, and Infineon.

The new Avy Aera drone equipped with Tulip’s battery is set to be available from Q4 2024, promising a significant leap forward in operational capabilities for critical public service applications.

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