Department 13 – Scout

dept 13 scout

Very accessible and easy to use, drones are now commonplace amongst our mass gathering events and public interest sites. Regardless of if it’s a music festival, sporting event or tourist hotspot, rogue and dangerous operators will continue to disrupt events and put people’s lives at risk until there are proactive measures employed to deter and stop.

Department 13’s passive drone detection system SCOUT provides an effective method of monitoring this airspace for illegal and dangerous drone activity, enabling proactive security operations. Easy to install and low-profile SCOUT:
–       5km omnidirectional coverage from each sensor
–       Single antenna omnidirectional coverage
–       Real-time detection of drone and operator
–       Coverage of major and bespoke drone brand types and models
–       Flexible connectivity options
–       Integration into Department 13’s ATLAS UI or other C2
–       Permanent or temporary site deployment configurations
For more information on our SCOUT system and how we protect mass gathering events and public interest sites visit

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